Friday, April 11, 2008

Prayer Request!

I want to give all of you an update on MERRI and ask for your prayers. I have some news, she emailed me this morning (I hadn't heard from her since I posted her email last Thursday so I was a little concerned, but hoped she was just busy) to tell me that last Friday her husband came home and found her unresponsive on the couch, so she's been in the hospital ALL week.! :( I couldn't tell from her email if she's back home now or still there or her condition now, so I'm waiting to hear back the answers to all that, (but I guess she's well enough to have caught up on my blog because she commented on how great the spa looked!, so she must be doing a LITTLE better! and was able to crack a few jokes, that's Merri! She also apologized for not having had a chance to send pics for me of all the cards she's gotten!!)

I'll post an update on her when I she gets back to me with more info about her condition, the GOOD news is that she did say she got TONS more cards this past week! I'm SO thankful that so many of you are thinking about her, still writing to her and that's it lifting her up and she has these to come home to!

Please email me if you would like Merri's address to send her a card, you can read more about Merri here. :)


  1. Oh No! :-( Poor Merry!
    I hope she is doing better!
    I'll sure keep her in my prayers!♥

  2. Oh Melanie.....I'm so sorry to hear this!! Most definitely will lots and lots of prayers and hugs be sent!!!

  3. Oh sorry to hear that! Thanks for letting us know and for sure will keeping her in my prayers!

  4. i hope she is doing better will say a little prayer for her

  5. I will keep Merri in my prayers, and hope she is doing better!!


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