Thursday, April 3, 2008

"It's my's my birthday!"

Well, it's almost my birthday(Saturday)*. I have to admit I got very excited a couple months ago when I was thinking about my birthday coming up and the prospect that now that I'm blogging, I might receive more than the usual five birthday cards I normally get! But you know what? I have gotten some GREAT gifts already and one of the best has been knowing my readers are sending out cards to people I really want to know are getting cards and prayers at a time when they need support. (Another has been personal comments and emails to me from you:) Soooo, in lieu of sending ME a card you could help me make someone else's day! (Post to follow shortly on the email I got from the last recipient and the candy winner!! The cat's outta the bag, can't wait to share!)

This is my Mom (pictured at 17, isn't she beautiful?). She's not a stamper, but she still buys my sets, she's my biggest fan.

I read somewhere that in some cultures on your birthday, you give your mom a gift, after all it was x years ago on that day she did all the work to bring you into the world! (I thought that was a really nice tradition, maybe you might want to do that for your moms too when your own rolls around...I know now that I AM a mom I can better appreciate /understand everything she did for me, I'm sure you other moms can relate!) So I sent her a special card! (gift to follow)

The last few months have been an especially difficult time for her, though: she lives in St. Louis with my stepfather, but had to go to California in January to basically provide hospice care for my grandfather for an undetermined amount of time. His situation did not look good, but (praise the Lord!) he has regained enough strength that she was actually able to come home on Tuesday! Unfortunately, a few days before she came back, she got word from my stepdad that he'd lost his job (he'd been with that company most of his life). This is a real blow for them so they will probably have to move, but I have faith there will be new doors opening and possibly they will move closer to us in the process. If you would like to pray for my grandfather or mom and stepdad or send a card, that would be such a blessing to me. You can email me for more info :)

You could also go check out her blog (which has an updated pic, I think you'll notice our resemblance!) and maybe leave her a message. She started the blog for her handwriting analysis** but that was before my grandfather got sick, so she hasn't been able to do much on it since ...
*Look where I'm going! (Told you a fabulous birthday is already covered!) This place ROCKS! I've been two other times over the years for just a half day package as gifts(which I'm doing again this year), and it was sheer bliss. I reeeeally need this escape right now. I'll be back next week with a post of all the deets and some pics! (and maybe I can smuggle out some samples to send out with blog candys! hee!)

**a special post on that and all it's amazing applications coming soon! I'll also share what my handwriting samnple says about ME! You can check it for accuracy ;)


  1. wow, your mom is beautiful-now I know where you get your looks from! sorry to hear about your grandfather but glad he's better (say a prayer for all of them!) wow, Lake Austin spa - lucky girl! Bet it will be fabulous, you deserve it!

  2. I like your idea of giving mom a gift on your birthday. I did something similar. As I got older...early twenties...still living at home...and was able to cook better I would make my birthday meal instead of my mom...she got to relax and enjoy my birthday and I got to try out some great recipes.

    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. Wow!! I do notice a and your mama are just beautiful!!! And have a FANtastic little escape!! And I'll go check out your moms blog.......'cuz guess what??? I JUST got my first Handwriting Analysis book and magnifying glass and I'm making friends write a sample for me!! LOL It's just for fun for me.......but it's kinda cool!!!

  4. Your mother is beautiful, and I definitely see the resemblance.

    Have a wonderful time at the spa resort!!

  5. She is beautiful, I think most of our moms have that photo with that hairstyle. I wish I had my moms high school senior shot, it looks a lot like your moms. anyway.. I was really wanting to wish you the best and brightest of birthdays. Your stamps have put smiles on many faces and so do you and your bright and generous soul. Best wishes to you, enjoy the spa..

  6. Have a happy happy birthday!

  7. OH, happy happy birthday, dear Melanie! Now we know where you recv'd all that beauty from--you Mom is stunning! I'm certain she is just as beautiful on the inside too--another trait you share! You and your family will be in my prayers--may you have a most joyous birthday! hug~

  8. Happy Birthday Melanie! Hope you had a blast at the spa!


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