Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Mail Love!

More to share!!
Barb sent me this fantastic 3D cake card! if you've seen her blog/work, you know she likes to cute! REALLY likes to cut! Instead of layering the flame on two or three pieces of dimensional(like I'd have done!), she cut out FOUR flames!! and then put crystal effects all over the cake. :) (Oh and I forgot to take a pic, but she stamped on the cake on the envy and colored it with this fabulous colored glitter, but it was FLAT, definitely not Stickles! Was that one of those Copic Spicas I keep reading about it??)

Carolina sent me this adorable card with the slit closure I love(recognize this color challenge, anyone??) Love the stitching she did to mat the background and was so tickled to see her little custom handstamped image on the back with coffee and a cupcake, just like on her blog, hee!
Charmaine sent me this card made with one of my fave floral sets ever, Papertrey Beautiful Blooms! ;) Don't know if you can tell from the pic, but the inks she used to stamp the flowers has this fabulous pearly sheen that matches that lovely, luxurious ribbon, it is way cool!! Charmaine, what is it, do tell! (I'm thinking it must be some of the Versamagic, or Dew Drop or ??? )
Joanne sent me this card I just fell for on her blog last week, I am such a sucker for red!! (and she sent me oodles of yummy red ribbons and a RED Cadmium COPIC I'd been coveting!! I'm so blessed!!)
Finally, Lee sent me this fabulous pocket card, and you know what she tucked in there?? Her hoppy mention bookmark!! I am SO touched she sent this project to me, it will have a place in every book I ever read! til the end of time!!
Gotta run (got a spa recap to write!) Thank you again everybody! This has been the bestest birthday evah!!!
Bee writes:
"I notice you didn't mention your age..."

The big 3-5, Bee, and proud of it! ;)



  1. U R Loved! hugs and happy Sunday!

  2. those are AWESOME, heartfelt cards you got - like Linsey said, you're loved

  3. What fabulous cards you received! Lucky girl! So glad you liked your card and you are correct! It is VersaMagic ink! Perfect Hydrangea, Perfect Plumeria and Aloe Vera to be exact! :)

  4. Lots and Lots of hugs and sooo happy you had a FABOO birthday!! You sure deserved it girl!!

  5. What a lucky girl you are!!! Linsey hit the nail on the head, you are luved!!

  6. So glad to see you were showered with cards and love! You so deserve it!

  7. Hope you had a great birthday! You are just a babe. Wait until you get into your 40s! LOL

  8. Hehe, 35 is Ok! I just turned 38 in February and am having a hard time recovering from the blow! Good thing I always looked young... LOL ;-)


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