Saturday, September 13, 2008

Surviving Game Day

After 12 years of watching games with Paul (or in the last few years more often wandering in every hour or so asking how it's going before heading back to stamp again!) and seeing what a funk he gets into when his boys lose, I myself have become a bit paranoid if there's no Abita Amber (Paul's favorite beer from Louisiana) in the house when the Tigers are playing! I made this window coffeebag into an emergency snack and beer stash to nosh on when things are getting tense and included this bottle opener to always be ready to open a cold one and celebrate a touchdown!* (This bag holds one bottle and homemade Chex Snack Mix. Place your bottle in first and pour the mix in around the sides so that lovely label shows through the window.)

The bag I quickly stamped up with "GO TEAM" and the whistle and star from "Just So Sporty" in Eggplant Envy**, turning the stamps as I went and filling in last with the smallest stamps to best cover the bag. I used my label and "Survival kit..." sentiment from "What's In Your Tin?2" and added "FOOTBALL" from Just So Sporty. All the stamps will fit on one large block so you can ink and stamp once. It is easiest to get it centered by stamping the label first, then your greeting inside. I colored in the outer edge of the label and stars and "ball" with my Yoyo Yellow marker and cut out. ( I refrained from adding ribbon to DH's "man bag", which I'm sure he'll appreciate LOL!)

Tip: After cutting the label, if you find in some spots you trimmed a little too close so you no longer have your complete outline (or have a little white left over around where you didn't trim close enough), simply run your matching marker around the edge holding the label on its side to fill in those gaps. (I tried taking a pic for you but I need three hands to hold my marker, label and camera, hope my directions makes sense! :)

Check back throughout the season for more game day gifts and ideas! Have a great day, I'm praying that this hurricane will come and go, my thoughts are with you if you're nearby!

* Plays the LSU fight song ending with "GEAUX TIGERS!"when you touch it to a bottlecap, very festive, a GRRRRRRRRREEAT gift for any Tiger fan!

**Can anybody suggest a really GOOD primary purple ink and CS? Now that I'm trying to make all this purple Tiger stuff, my Stampin Up! purples are all too dark or too light, it would be nice to find a real grapey, Koolaid-rainbow sort of purple. Thanks in advance!


  1. great idea! be sure to tell us how he liked it!

  2. This is just to cute. I think Prism has so deep purple colors.

  3. Awesome idea and great execution! I'm sure he'll love it.

  4. Haha, your dedication to your sporty hubby makes me admirative, I'm sure he'll be thrilled by this little gift!
    My husband is not at all into any sport on TV, so I haven't been sucked into the superbowl crazyness and such, and I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes me!!! LOL! ;-)...

    Color Box Cat's Eye in "Violet" might be just what you're looking for, it's a classic "grapey" purple.

  5. Ohhhhhhhh AWEsome idea for those sporty guys that can be hard to create for!!!! I love it!!! What about PTI purple?? I just got 4 of their colors and love them so far!!

  6. Love your football survival kit, that is a great idea, has me thinking now that football season is here and I have a bunch of football fans in the family, but would you believe they have to cheer for different teams.


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