Monday, February 21, 2011

So Many Gifts...

William shared a little "pearl" with me the other day I had to pass along to you:

He had a fever for 4 days last week, as well as a very bad cough and cold. Despite being sick, we enjoyed some nice snuggle time and reading when he wasn't feeling so well, along with a few more active times in the yard when his Ibuprofen was keeping his temperature down and the weather was nice. As we were putting together a jigsaw puzzle on Thursday, while his brother was at school, out of the blue he said,

"Mama, God gives me so many gifts when I am sick: those frogs outside, that quarter I found, ... just so many gifts."

My heart just melted and was so thankful that at 6 William already understands and appreciates the Lord is always with him and looking out for him, and responsible for ALL the good small things, intentionally placed in his life, that lift his little spirit in both easy and hard times, caring about the things a child would care about. It is humbling and precious to receive these sweet messages from my son, seeing that God speaks to his heart, but also through him to me. I'd been sick too, and this was definitely a gift :)

So I am closing with this scripture:

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father
of heavenly lights"
James 1:17

(this verse was actually on this birth announcement, although I am not sure I have ever read that particular verse to him)


  1. Awe so sweet. He is learning young that God is good.

  2. What a great memory, Melanie! God truly is the source of all goof things! Thanks for the smile.

  3. Man! That just gives ya the warm fuzzies doesn't it - what a memory to treasure!

  4. Soooo cool. You know what they say ......."Out of the mouth of babes". I hope you are scrapping these things, or at least making notes. They grow up so fast, and you think you will never forget, but you do. I am reliving my kids thru my grandkids and I keep saying to my husband I don't remember the kids going thru this stage do you? He just laughs at me and tells me to get the books out. Thank goodness I took the time and wrote entries on firsts and favorites and all the cute little things that they did in the early years. After all, our youngest is in her mid 30's now.

  5. What a pure soul your little William has, Melanie. Thank you for sharing the pearl.

  6. Oh Mel.... how precious is that. I'm glad you blogged it but I hope you keep something to put these wonderful moments in. (One book I have is a book of funny comments my kid made and they love looking at it!)

  7. How precious. Thanks for
    sharing this with us. Please
    give that precious son a hug
    for me.

  8. In all his innocence come words to melt a Mother's heart, I hope this moment is recorded in some way to share with William at a later date! Precious are those kind of memories to have forever ;o)

  9. Blessed my heart. I'm not particularly fond of frogs, but the picture and the story are heart-warming. Hope you scrapbook, because that one needs to be preserved.

  10. That melted my heart as well!
    You are a wonderful Mama! Such a beautiful thing to pass on to your Children,the warmth and Love of the Lord!
    He is a special little man!
    Blessings and Hugs to both of you!
    I hope you are both feeling better!


  11. Wow! William has already learned that the Lord cares for him even in the small things. And then God uses William to be a reminder of His faithfulness (not only to his mommy, but to all her blogging friends, too!) Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh Melanie!! That is such a beautiful post! You know I visit your blog often even though I don't always comment. I just had to on this one! Your son is so right! TFS!!!!

  13. What marvelous insight for only 6 years old! You are teaching him by your words and deeds...keep up the good work and be sure to journal allllll these sweet memories!

  14. Nothing brings be to joyful tears then to hear a child talk about God. When we're in church and you can hear this young voice saying The Lord's Prayer, I can hardly hold back the tears. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. God Bless you and your sweet son.

  15. Melanie,you have taught your child well.At such a young age he is so aware of even the little things we are blessed with from the Lord. He must be such a sweet little man.Cherish these tender years with your boys;they grow so fast before you know it they are in college and out the door but they will always need you. It's a good feeling.


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