Sunday, January 22, 2012

Free Kindle Offering

Hi all,
I believe I will keep the blog candy below open a few days beyond Monday, because it is clear from emails and info I have that people are not seeing my new posts right now. :( Please email me if you know if there is some setting I need to change on my blog to correct the problem, because we have a Gina K Designs release and blog hops coming up, yikes! I need to make sure my blog is in peak functioning form! Thanks in advance!

I wanted to go ahead and share a link today to book I just saw that is offered FREE for a limited time on Kindle: "The Decaf Diet: Is Caffeine Making You Fat?" Now, I have not read this book, but I did give up caffeine about 6 months ago (and noticed SO many positive changes in my health as a result: not overeating, not craving sweets, not getting headaches or having trouble sleeping, feeling more alert and even tempered, etc) but judging by the positive reviews on Amazon, I would encourage you to read this book and learn more about the harmful effects of caffeine. I was not a coffee drinker before, but I did drink a lot of diet sodas, and now I drink just plain old water and a variety of delicious decaf herbal teas*, don't need or miss the caffeine at all. It sounds like the author includes several decaf plans: cold turkey, decreasing your intake over time, and optimal caffeine use for those who'd like to continue with caffeine in moderation. Any of these changes would be really beneficial!

Please pass that info along to someone you think might benefit from it! Anyone else have a positive "I kicked caffeine" story to share? I'm all ears!

Happy Sunday!

* DID YOU KNOW: herbal teas aren't really "tea" at all, but tisanes, or herbal infusions. I learned that at a tea shop a couple years ago. ( I still say "tea", though, lol!)


  1. YAY! It works now! Whatever you did worked! I have the same request, of course. Make a State-ment. :-)

  2. i just learned the "tisane" word this past summer and i say TEA also. :D

  3. I just got ALL of your posts TODAY on my google reader! Wow!! I've given up coffee before, but then I somehow slip back into drinking it.


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