Friday, January 20, 2012

Stamping with Friends

Tonight I will be stamping with Marita and other ladies at my church as we kick off our card ministry: a way to fellowship with one another, reach out to others, and cover our church and other causes with cards. (Please pray it goes well, I haven't done anything like a home workshop in over 4 years lol!) We plan to meet monthly and instead of reinventing the wheel and stressing over what to show and help people make (like I used to when I was a demonstrator!) my plan is to follow my "A Year of Flowers"book each month! We will be doing a few variations of cards from my January and February sections as time allows, and I plan to bring a lot of different colors than what were in the samples for different looks and so they can be used in other seasons so the church will have a stash. I spent so much time making sure there was a variety of techniques, color styles and layouts already, I might as well "go by the book"!

Gotta go cut some card stock now and make banana bread, I'll try to take photos so I can show you us busy stamping next week! :) We will be meeting monthly so if you live in the Austin area it would be a pleasure to meet you, let ! I do expect over time our group will outgrow Marita's accommodations and we'll be meeting in a larger area. Let me know fi that is something you'd be interested in.

This would be a great way for you too to plan a girls night or stamping group who intends to meet regularly: there are three layouts, designs and color combos per month, plus techniques that you can build on so those in your group gain more knowledge, experience and confident throughout the year. It's also perfect since the months designs are arranged by holiday, we'll be creating exactly what we need at that time. Just a suggestion! That it only uses one the set of images too is bonus so you aren't needing a lot of different supplies.

Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. this is great - look forward to hearing how it went and seeing pics!


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