Monday, January 9, 2012

Got Blitsy? (My book is there, eek!)

Update: Blog candy still going on, scroll down to the previous post to enter, I'll be drawing a winner tomorrow! Oh, I can't wait to share my next butterfly tutorial, like it even better than the last (and you will, too! :)

Have you joined Blitsy yet? I got a great deal on Liquid Pearls in lots of colors I didn't have before the holidays and filled up my stocking! :) And guess what? They were free for me when a friend signed up and made a purchase, it's a great way to earn some of the products you want! Just tell other people about it and you might just get some credit to spend on whatever you choose! Craft supplies are brands you know and love and up to 60% off!

They are currently running a special: a $200 gift card to blitsy for the 20,000th member who signs up AND a $200 gift card for the person who referred them! Wouldn't it be fun to be one of those people? I saw this a few weeks ago when I was so busy with year end stuff, but I saw again that they still haven't hit that number! But they're close! Felt like it might be time to share! So sign up here today, could you believe if we won?? Eeek! I'm crossing my fingers for us! :) No commitment to buy anything, just great deal alerts on all the crafty trendiest products emailed to you that you can delete, take advantage of, or let others know about! You can invite friends, too! They just might end up being that lucky number 20,000!

Now, I had written this post up when I saw this morning that, ohmygoodness, MY BOOK, (among other Annie's Attic publications) is ON Blitsy this week, eek! For only $9.95, one week only. Now there is a $5.95 shipping charge, which makes it $15.95 (which is more than $14.95,) if you only order that and remember shipping is free right now on Annie's) however, if you have some credit on Blitsy you could use that, OR combine with another order if there are other things you are wanting to get on there. Just wanted to let you know, options are good! If you join and have others sign up and buy, that basically makes it free! Just sayin'...

Also, if you have not seen it yet on Facebook, Gina announced she has a big shipment of the book arriving next week AND will have a video for it, too, woo hoo! Can't wait! Will be on pins and needles for that!

Race to 20,000! from Blitsy on Vimeo.


  1. I signed up -- they didn't ask who had referred me but since I followed your link, hopefully they will credit you properly!

  2. Dear Melanie: I am in my 70s and stamping is my hobby. i ordered your book last week and hope to receive it soon, i look forward to your tutorials. They are a great help. Thanks so much, Jo

  3. I've never heard of Blitsy. Thanks for the info. It's harder to get stamping supplies where I live now that our local stamping store was forced to close.

  4. Thanks for the info Melanie! Can't wait to order your new book!

  5. Yay!! I had a $9 credit in my Blitsy account so I just nabbed your book for $6.90 - happy with that deal. And cannot wait to look through it. So very happy for you!!

  6. Hi Melanie

    Blitsy is BAD!!! They do not ship to Canada and I had to sign up just to find that out - LOL! As much as I would have loved a copy of your book I downloaded it from Annies Attic. I imagine you had to give consent for this and for that I am very grateful. I have lost most of my vision since I started stamping over 20 years ago and having the book on my computer and being able to enlarge the words and pictures is just a BLESSING! Have all this stuff, can't let it go to waste - LOL! A Year Of Flowers was one of the first sets I ever bought from Gina K Designs and I got the frame and Christmas frame. I was so happy to see you included your terrific tole technique on the roses in case anyone missed it on your blog. That was the BEST ever tip! I offered to make a wedding card for a couple my husband worked with and I knew all the people from work invited to the wedding by name only. I never had to move from my chair! Everyone came and found me, introduced themselves and thanked me for making such a gorgeous card. I even used vellum. I told them I had a great teacher on this one! Thanks so much and congratualations on your book. Looking forward to see what direction this adventure of life takes you in next - many wishes for continued success!

  7. Hi Glenda,
    Thanks so much for writing and letting me know all that!I am so glad you shared how the digital version is great if you need to enlarge the instructions or images, I hadn't even thought of that! I am thrilled to hear you are enjoying the book and have been recreating the designs, so glad the wedding card was a hit! Big hugs to you!


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