Thursday, January 19, 2012

I promise we weren't stamping together...

Well, imagine my utter delight and surprise when I opened a card Patti made for this week's Stately Flowers 2 guest post and saw one that was so strikingly similar to a layered camellia card I made ! :) Hey, it happens, were we on the same wavelength or what? There are many differences about this card, though, that I'd like to point out and think work really well.

  • The sketch is flipped.
  • Instead of an embossed frame, she drew her own with a pen. Even with the realistic flower and very classic fonts, the hand drawn border works great, not just for whimsical images and fonts!
  • The use of Kraft instead of black. I tell yo can use Kraft with anything, love it here with the pink and white.
  • Pearls in the corners. This really dresses that sketch frame up!
  • The black bordered ribbon really makes all the other black details and lettering pop.

Gorgeous card, Patti! Please sure to leave her some love today, aren't you enjoying her guest spots this month?


  1. Thanks Melanie! You are so sweet :) Funny how we thought alike! My card was at least half colored and ready to put together when you posted yours. I nearly fell over! Have a great day!

  2. Great minds & all....lovely cards both Melanie & Patti!


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