Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guest Designer Tina Gilliland

First week with Tina Gilliland and "Sporty Accessories"! (I'd love to be a fly on the wall when swim fan Gina sees this swimmingly fantastic card!) I thought it was so clever of Tina to Scor-Pal this background and then clear emboss it to make the tile wall! The "Pool" sign (which I actually put in the "Tee Talk" set thinking billiards LOL!) expands on the theme! ("Just Keep Swimming!" is from Gina's set of the same name. Isn't that cute with the Sporty goggles tacked up with brads and the water patterned paper from Gina K's "Jersey Shore" Digi pack?? and check out the inside of the card! I love how she used the watery paper again it looks like you're standing at the edge considering diving in! and Gina's Kindred "Greetings for Kids" cheers you on: "I know you can do it!" I just love all the thought she put into this fun card.. :)
Now here's a little more about Tina:

Favorite Technique-- Any form of water coloring. I have enrolled in a Copics class so I'm desperately wanting to learn to use those better. But...I like using OMS and Peerless Watercolor Colors as well. Anything that blends the colors like water coloring does.

Colors/color combo--. This is tough 'cause I'm such a COLORS person. I'm teased by my family that if there is lots of color in something..."Tina will like it"! But I notice I do favor pinks and purples often and I think black goes so well with just about anything. I love using it with all colors.

Gina K set by Melanie— So unfair... I love them all and I believe I have all but one.. hee hee. Mostly though I think I grab the "A Year of Flowers" most often because they can fit most any occassion. And, of course "Say it With Flowers" and "The Best Things in Life" has such great sayings that also fit most any card.

Gina K sets (from any illustrator)-
Oh my... hmmm... I switch often. LOL But now I'm so in love with Carolyn King's Nurse Feelgood. I have so many ideas in my head to change that lady up and just haven't had time to make them all.... YET! *smile*

Craft supplies I can’t live without— Definitely my Stamp-a-ma-jig!!! I live in such a crooked world and I try TO hard to be a perfectionist when it comes to straight!! I MUST have my bling and embellishments which includes ribbons!!! And my Pop Dots and Glue Dots!!

I've been stamping for (how long)— Hmmm I know it's been longer than 11 years because I did it before my son was born... but seriously and dedicated to it, the last 3 years.

I get my inspiration from --. Melanie!!! (I think I have to call her my Mentor), StampTV and the challenges there and I recently started an Inspiration Journal so that when I see something.. even just color combos.. I can put them in it and use it later when I'm in a slump and need a new idea. But I keep up with all the blogs I can and grab pieces here and there that I like.

The most important things I’ve learned about stamping/ cardmaking/ scrapbooking are - My blog title says it all... Making Memories. I am sooo much about memories and what you leave behind in this world. You'd think I was dying already (hee hee)... I plan so much for when my kids don't have me around. There is nothing more important to me than what I leave them with... in the way of memories. I still write love letters to my husband and actually mail them. And I do the same with my kids. So they get cards from me... and so do many others I know for "no reason at all". I keep separate journals for my kids, hubby and my sister (we were the only girls with three brothers between us) and a "general journal" LOL. I love to write... what can I say. Memories... that's definitely worth more than anything to me.

Some of my stamping/crafting goals are- To be published... but I guess I have to submit first, huh? LOL I have a hard time giving up my cards for something like that though.. they aren't going to anyone in particular, ya know? I must do it though... someday. My other goal is to simply do cards for others... and scrapbooks.... for those who don't want to do their own and in doing so be able to work from home and spend more time with my kids while they are still in school (volunteering and such).

Favorite things to make that aren’t cards (if any): Scrapbooks and little books I write from memories to loved ones. Sorta like the tin I made for my mom I shared on Stamp TV. I made a book for my dad years ago like this but back then I didn't know about stamps and used stickers on most all the pages.

Some of my stamping/crafting accomplishments are— Oh my..,. well I never thought I'd win an online challenge...EVER... and then to be featured/picked for StampTV's Center Stage and to even THINK about being on Melanie's blog as a guest designer.... wow!! I never ask or want for much so these are HUGE to me. I'm the mom that goes shopping and picks up a few things for herself and before I hit the register I have put everything back except what I got for my kids and hubby. LOL Seriously... my husband will remind me I need new bras! LOL LOL And I never thought I'd ever truly keep a blog running. I've tried a few times but never as dedicated to it as I am now. I thank all the Gina K girls I've met for giving me the desire and determination to actually keep it running.

Tina, you are such a doll! :) Thanks for this first of many samples this month and letting us get to know you better! Now please go check Tina's blog for another sample using "Sporty Accessories"(and if I know Tina, a few other Gina K sets in there with it!) ;)

Have a great day! Just keep swimming!


  1. Am I the only one that doesn't see a card?

  2. Toni, so sorry you can't see the card but I'm not computer savvy enough to offer any hints. Melanie and Tina -- you're an awesome duo! The card is FANtastic -- love that tile wall; it looks perfect! Ditto for the water! Can't wait to see more cards with Melanie's stamps from you this month, Tina!

  3. WOW. Its so fun to see the new geust designers here on your blog every month. I love the card Tina made. It is so hot here (India) that i feel refreshed and tempted just seeing the card. lol

  4. Yay, Tina. It's so fun to get to know more about you. And that card is so clever with the tiles, sign and sentiment. Great job.

  5. OOohhhh I can just hear Gina hollering when she sees this one too! How AWEsome is that tile?? What a fantastically creative idea of Tina! She so rocks!!

  6. Oh, this is just too cool! Great idea with the tile wall. It was so fun reading about Tina.

  7. Love all of the detail on this...Gina will really love this one. Love the swimming scene she created. She is just so funny too :o)

  8. WOWEE! I adore this & know Gina will be OVER THE MOON over it! How clever!! Love getting to know Tina better!

  9. Well now... I can't READ Melanie's blog and not comment!!! LOL I really must learn to take better pics! LOL One thing at a time! I had no idea I talked soooooo much! Ok... maybe I did. Must be why my kids teachers always say that during conferences... "he/she needs to control their talking a bit". MOM!!!! LOL

  10. Great card and great idea. Tina did a great job. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. "Fintastic" card Tina! I can't believe that wall - and the photo isn't bad and really shows up well I think! I love the inside as well with the water. So well done! How are you going to top that card now? Can't wait to see! I hope Toni gets to see it as well as everyone else! How about a little fish with the goggles on with the saying "Here's looking at ya kid!"

    Chris R. from Iowa

  12. Melanie, Tina is doing a fantastic job as your guest designer. This is such a cute card. That wall is fantastic.

    I nominated you for something Melanie. Check it out on my blog:

  13. What a clever sample of the Sporty Accessories! Now that is "thinking", Tina! Woooohoooooo! Keep up the great work!


  14. Love the tiles (score pal - I've got to get one). I did a tile wall once for a bath scene and dry embossed EVERY single sqaure. Timely, but turned out cute once embossed. And I love the blue water paper.


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