Monday, June 8, 2009

Sporty Accessories Tip Sheet

I'm so excited about all the love and support for "Sporty Accessories", thanks , woo hoo!! The tip sheet had to have it's own sample! :) Sorry for the delay, this post had a LOT of links to add!) Here, I trimmed up the cheer uniform (make it a summer dress or tennis outift!) to hang up, but I couldn't find my wire anywhere, so instead of twisting up a hanger, I used a french hook (for making earrings) and put a saftey pin through!

Go nuts with this set to perfectly accessorize your attire and those sporty words from "Just So Sporty"! I've also incorporated gear to compliment many of the sports in the "Tee Talk" set. This set features stuff for sports year round and is perfect for cards and scrapping pages for boys, masculine, teens and tweens, and even girly cards with all the cheer gear! You will have a blast creating scenes with all the stuff.

Stamp the lockers in a row using a gridline block for easy alignment (it's 3.5 inches tall,you can use the largest round fingergrip block Gina sells), to quickly create a locker room for the gymnasium or health club, perfect for an athlete, fan, or your workout buddy!

Stamp the lockers on metallic papers to look like real metal. Stamp them on patterned paper for something fun and fabulous (think pink!)

Stamp the numbers from Just So Sporty onto the cheer top ("3,2,1...happy birthday!"), row of lockers, pennants for your team players numbers or to represent an ago.

Give the lockers a pattern with the new "Ribbon Stripes".

Tape a piece of white printer paper across the lockers and handletter a message with a marker, it will look a painted banner for "Spirit week", "Game Day" or "Summer's here!"

Using a hobby blade, carefully cut around the top bottom and left side of the locker and score the right side to have a door that really opens! This can reveal something on the back of the door, sport accessories crammed inside (to the top if it's like my son's closet) or even the inside of your card. ::) Check out Theresa's fabulous pull card sample, complete with money holder!!

Piece the inside of the locker with fabulous paper and add a little mirror. some taped up real photos of BFFs for a girly locker!

Pile the sports accessories on top of a row of lockers like a shelf.

Stamp the little words on each locker or write the recipients name on a label for each.

Doodle graffiti on the lockers just like at school! Stamp fun little images on them like the heart from "Just So Hippy" or cover with stickers.

Create amazing sports themed background papers stamping the different accessories and words in black, tone on tone, or color. Keep it to one sports theme for the purist or add a jumble of all of them for your All Star!

Create really cool borders with the balls, or use the racket, club, stick, or bat in a row, alternating up and down so they "nest" together.

Pop up the balls and accessories on pop dots to give your card more dimension.

All the words can be stamped across the shirt. Many from "Little Tees", "Just So Sporty" and "Wee Tees" will fit as well.

Go from fall to summer with a few quick snips: cut the sleeves and turtleneck off the outfit for a warm weather uniform. This way it also doubles as a tennis dress!

Snip the outfit in half to use as separates.

Use the hanger from "Little Tees" to hang up the outfit. Hang it on one of the locker vents. Do the same with your Tees and Sweats from the other sets.

Add brads or metal dots to the center of the padlock.

The large balls can all be punched out with a 1" circle punch.

Go interactive with the balls and make a spinner card, your recipient is sure to get a "kick" out of it!

Stamp the balls with a corresponding word from "Just So Sporty" onto the jersey or sweatshirt or t-shirts from "Little Tees".

Make a sporty baby card by stamping the balls on the onesie from "Wee Tees"!

The pennant and megaphone can both be rotated a half turn so that all four large greetings can be used on each. Love these sized-to-fit shape of this font! You can also stamp your other words from "Just So Sporty" or "Little Tees" on them.

Create several pennants for your card front to look like the wall of a teen's or sports fan's room. Print out or write your favorite team name and stamp the pennant around it!

For a whimsical project, accessorize the "Just So Hoppy" or "Just So Hippy" or "Jumping for Joy" animals with the balls , bats and rackets they'll be adorable swimming or kicking away! (Zebra with the soccer ball, hee hee!)

Create beach themed projects and pages using the volleyball and swim goggles.

Switch from "hightops" to "lowtops" by trimming off the tops of the sneakers.

The four small words in this set can also be stamped onto the side of the football or basketball or on the end of the bat like a logo.

The accessories in this set go GREAT with these other Gina K sets:

Lazy Days of Summer: the free set this month! (love those words and stars, and the sand stuff is so fun with the goggles, shoes, volleyball etc !)

Ribbon Stripes: stars, argyle to create golf backgrounds, checkers


Congrats to someone with a workout/fitness weight loss goal with the lockers and cheer suit or sweatshirt

Thanks to a fitness instructor, coach or personal trainer

Scrapbook pages!!

Teachers, coaches and team mate gifts and thank yous

Pennant or ball cupcake toppers

"Cheer up" with the cheer stuff or other accessories is perfect for Get Well cards

Create a calendar with magnets or pushpin toppers with the balls to make a game and practice schedule for the family with the many sports they play.

Stamp clothing (boxers, ties, pjs) to make sports-themed patterned attire for your sports fans! (coming soon on this blog!)

Cards and gift wrap for those tweens and teens that are so hard to find stamp images for sometimes!

This is just the beginning! Please share your own ideas for the "Sporty Accessories" set! :)


  1. Melanie these tips are fabulous! I just love love love them! I have a notebook with my tip sheets so I can refer to them easily and quickly. You rock Mel!

  2. Melanie, thanks so much for all of the tips. Some I have already used :o)) but will sure try the others as well. I love this set and will get a lot of use as my family is big sports fans!

    Love your card! The cheerleader outfit is so cute and looks like a scene in a school locker room. NIce job!

  3. How fun, great tips. Your hanger is great, you are always thinking, Melanie!

  4. Melanie, your tip sheets rock!! I love your card today too.

  5. Love the stamp set Sporty Accessories. I ordered it and it came last week. Just haven't had a chance to use it yet. The tip sheet looks really great! The locker sold me on the stamp set.

  6. Fabulous tips and card!!! Clever hanger!


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