Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feedblitz: I know, I know!*

Apologies if you got SIX (or more?!) updates about my "Say it with Flowers" post (I got them, too!) I was SO excited when I wandered in here after getting up for some water to see I had 23 emails, thought lots of people had dropped by to comment about my last post! Nope. It was feedblitz alerting me over and over about the post I wrote the day BEFORE, not my latest one, plus several of you writing to let me know there's something wrong with my feedblitz!! (But I really do appreciate you taking the time to write if you did!) Anyway, I have alerted "Phil"** to the problem, we'll see what he says this time. I currently have it on automatic express delivery which is supposed to be within 15 minutes of a post, but I think I'm going to probably change it back to nightly, although that gives a one day delay. Seems like there have been more problems with the updates since then, but before there were still problems.

*I wanted to call this post "Feedbutz!"***, but that wouldn't have been very nice, it is a free service they offer after all....

**I'm on first name basis with Feedblitz support, having emailed him about issues so often with their service his name is in my email contacts!

***had to sneak it in there somehow-hee! ;)

EDITED TO ADD: It appears to have started sending repeats now of the Slide and DP post, too! UGH!! SORRY! I just changed my account settings to nightly, which means you should only receive ONE update per post a day, but ti will be one day behind.


Patty W said...

I just came to see what the heck was going on! I think I counted 52 (might be a slight exageration!) (but not really) different emails about several posts of yours!

I was trying to decide if I need to unscribe that many times or if it might not be my fault after all (big wink!)

Have a great day!

Lee said...

Okay.......I LOVE the feedbutz and am soo glad you snuck it in so I could laugh!! I think your blog is worth a few dozen alerts anyway!! Your brain DOES work non stop!!! I've got you on Google Reader and haven't had any probs there! Don't stress about it....and have a FAB day!!! Oh and your comment on my pimp'd atc's totally CRACKED me up!! I realllllly did LOL......not just type LOL.....but I realllllly did Laugh OUT Loud!!!!!

Stampmouse said...

no problem after all thats what he deleate button is for.