Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hoppy Mentions!

Once again, some really terrific entries in this month's contest! I really wish I'd had more than one prize to give out! Here are some projects I'd like to recognize today:

Jessica Rone made several wonderful cards, it was hard to decide which one to mention but I'll go with this one for now! : I think the layout, colors, patterns, and the way she pulled all these elements together with the ribbon was fantastic. And I love the little scene she made with frog, grass and water. She wrote with this entry that these stamps are allowing her to create the little scenes she's always dreamed of-that was so wonderful to hear!
Monika Davis made this FABULOUS Hoppy WITH you card!! The mirror images with the three balloons make such a terrifc layout, it's just so fun! She says she used acetate to mirror the image, I might need some pointers fom her because I tried to recreate the effect and mine didn't come out looking like hers!! Monika, up for a tutorial??
Lee Murphy has several terrific entries, these two were really unique: I LOVE the pun and joke here!! you can almost hear the song playing, so clever, and love how they're carrying him along, that's what friends do for us alright!

Her next one: did you know you could make cross stitch from stamps?? I didn't! and won't be making my own! lazystitcher, too much time!!) but I think it is the bomb! And I love the "hop into a good book", just delightful, perfect for a bookworm like me! Lee, if you have an extra week or so of nothing to do, feel free to make me one! LOL!
Susan Liles created this bright, cheerful card that got me ready for spring! Her color palette and coloring is so nice, and I love the DPs she used, work so well with this image! (and has the "chicky" at the bottom, see? Very nice!)
Monika Davis also made this bunny showing his patriotism! She has so many great details here! I especially love how she made the ears poking through the hat, and how she repeated the flag pattern on to the balloon! So festive!

Are you ready for this?: two fantastic CLOCKS submitted by two different people!! The first is by Linsey Rickett. I love how she made the clock dimensional with dew drop covered lily pads(foam die cuts?) and silk flowers!

The second I received was from Terri Moore. She even has a video on her blog of it in motion, and what really charmed me about it I how she attached the butterflies to the second hand so they move!! How clever is that? I also love the alcohol ink finish she did here (at least I assume she did!) really looks like bubbly water! (isn't it spooky how similar this really original idea was?? Terri, Linsey,were you two separated at birth??)

Next is Carolina Buchting's hopcake!! SO sweet and yummy looking, and almost too pretty to eat! (almost! I'd eat it!! save the stick, put it in a vase or pencil can...) :)

I could keep going, but I'm afraid I'm coming down with something. ;( (I have some posts saved up, though, so I'll be able to share new tin projects over the next few days no matter what!)

goodnight, cyberhugs to you all!

PS there will be another contest this month! more deets to come! :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Everyone did such an amazing job, I love all your Hoppy creations, wow! And I love Terri's clock so much more than mine--oh, now I have tons more inspiration for many more hours of hoppy fun! Thanks for sharing all the FABulous entries, Melanie! And ofcourse, for the amazing contest!

  2. Wow seeing these cards want me get get back in to stamping and cardmaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank so much for posting these... all winnners and a great inspiration.


  3. Thank you so much Melanie for once again including me in your Hoppy Mentions, I am so honored!! I loved all the entries that I saw, and I don't envy you in having to make a decision. I really do want to thank you again for helping me try to become the kind of "stamper" I want to be!! You are truly an inspiration to all of us, so thank you for being you!!! Congrats to all the other super talented Hoppy Mentions-ers!! Loving the clocks, wonder if I can talk my pal Lindsey into giving me her secrets???

  4. OH wow!! Just more and more creativity JUMP-started with your awesome sets Melanie!!! (oh yeah.....I have a zillion dumb puns!! LOL) Those CLOCKS!! Amazing!! FAN-stinkin'-TASTIC creations here!!! Congrats to the Hoppy Mentions!!! I'm so blown away to be included!! Thank you so much........you truly inspire greatness and share your artistic gifts!! More contests too?? Generous you are also!!! My Gina K. order shipped today and I will be creating TINS by the end of the week!!!! Get some REST!!! Hugs to you!!!! :)

  5. I never cease to be amazed at the level of creativity displayed here! WOW!! These cards and clocks are so inspirational and take this stamp set to levels I'd never imagined. This has to be the most versatile stamp set I ever owned! Thanks Melanie - for sharing all these delightful ideas and creations with your readers. You are all so talented!!

  6. Oh no Melanie... I hope you're not coming down with the awful things that have been going around. I am sending you healthy wishes!!! Get lots of rest and feel better soon!

  7. Oh my goodness....all of these projects are so awesome!! Thanks for sharing them!!

  8. Thanks so much for giving my clock a hoppy mention and thanks to all the people here who left such sweet comments about it too. All of the mentions are great! I agree that Lindsey and I must be connected somehow for coming up with the same idea too. Thank you again for coming up with the stamps. I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you will feel better soon.

  9. Those entries are phenominal! That had to be a hard choice to pick. Everything looks fabulous.

  10. WAOW! Those projects are too awesome! Very original and well executed! I see your little frog has everyone in her pocket! LOL ;-)

  11. Thank you Melanie for showcasing some of my cards! It is an awesome set to play with! To answer your question... about the acetate... I went over all the images with a black marker :o)

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  13. P.S: Hope you feel better!...
    When you think you are coming down with something, take 3 gr of aspirin and 3 gr of vitamin C over a 24 hours period (spaced out in like 3X 1gr). If it is a virus that should nip it in the bud (according to a virologist that was once hospitalized in the cardio unit I used to work in, a lifetime ago...)

    Of course only do that once (I mean for one 24 hours period) since taking that much aspirin wouldn't be good for you over time!

  14. WOW, these are ALL gorgeous! I'm glad it wasn't me choosing! LOL

  15. You are so sweet - thanks for the Hoppy Mention and congrats to all the other ladies, I'm honored to be included with this very creative group.

    I have been having a blast creating with your set...I have one more which I will be posting on Friday on my blog...there really are endless possibilities what to do with your set and I'm so anxiously awaiting for the new one!!!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  16. These are really card cards and crafts with your stamps. Some people just amaze me with their creativity.

  17. These are amazing entries. I had some cards done prior to your contest closing, but I didn't get them up on my blog. Better late than never.
    My favourite is the bunny card, but my DH likes the chick card better.


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