Friday, March 28, 2008

Contest! PRIZES! Rock the Vote!

EDITED TO ADD: Voting is closed for the contest! I've pulled the post with the projects to be voted on so that no more votes will be added and the results can be tallied; check the release party thread tonight to see who won! Check back later this week for a brand new contest using HIP HOP ACCESSORIES!
(I NEEDED to post contest info but I want to make sure you know about "Make Someone's Day", so scroll down to read the previous post or click here!* )

I'd like to do something a little differently with my contest this month, with two ways to win. Send me your best work using the "What's In Your Tin? 1 and 2" sets. You can use one or the other or combine them in a project. You may use other stamps as well to decorate your project, but you must the use the tin label stamps/sentiments stamps from the set in some way. You do not have to use an Altoid tin in your project. GET YOUR CREATIVE ON!!

But guess what: I don't really want to judge this month! It is VERY difficult picking a winner, so I'm going to ask for your help. Email me pics (jpegs or similar please, not links, so I can share them easily on my blog) of your projects by April 17th. The next day I will post the entries you will be voting on. Leave the name of the person's project you think should win in that post. Voting will end at 11:59 PM CST on the 19th. On the 20th I will post the winning project that got the most votes. The person who created it will win my next stamp set which will be revealed on April 20th following the release party in the Gina K forum.

Why should you vote?? Wellll, I will choose one person's comment from the voting post at random: this person will also receive a prize! See? You don't have to have to enter a project to win! (but your chances of winning are MUCH better if you DO ENTER, I have a LOT more people vying for a free set in blog candys than I do submitting contest entries, and the prize for the person who creates the winning project might be a little sweeter, so please ENTER! (and then come back and vote!) :)

(The tin above was really fun to make! Can you believe I don't own any fabulous girl stamps?? So I had to get a little creative to make this, it might look like a magazine page, but it's not. It was a little trickier to put together than this might seem at first glance(how many pieces of paper/layers do you think are used here?), but it wasn't HARD, I will come back with a tutorial and step by step pics! Stay tuned! :)

* So far THIRTY of you have already written asking to send cards and prayers!! Thank you, thank you!! It brings tears to me eyes every time a new email arrives, I SO appreciate your willingness (eagerness!) to get involved! (My previous candy offerings have had hundreds of people playing; wouldn't it be amazing to have that many people or more participating this time?)
"Alone we can do a little, together we can do so much." ~Helen Keller


  1. This is fabulous, girl! YOu have been BUSY!

  2. Do you ever rest? :)

    Great ideas you have and very creative ones!

    My card is in the mail today!

  3. Oh my gosh! Another fabulous stamp set from you?!? And I haven't been able to get your hoppy and hippy sets yet! But I will be ordering them this weekend (after my yard sale and selling of some old sets). AND, I think I know what your next set is going to be! CANDY! I just know it! You said "a little sweeter" and that MUST mean CANDY!!!! (at least I think so)

  4. Wowzers!!!! What an amazing tin!!! Fashionably FABulous!!! Oooo....lovin' the new contest!! I've got a few ideas percolatin'!!! And voting will be so fun!!! I bet it will be difficult for us certainly do inspire the creativity to bloom!!

  5. Amazing, girl!!! You sooooo totally rock!!! I LOVE this!!

  6. great tin.

    GOOD LUCK all the contest entrants


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