Monday, March 10, 2008

The Hoppy Chronicles

There once was a stamper named Donna,
Who worked wonders with flora and fauna!
Thought "classic" her "thing"
But with Hoppys and bling,
Thinks outta the box when she wanna!

If you 've been to my blog, you've heard about Donna. Yes, she IS my friend, but is also an amazing stamper, taking the Hoppys this month to notches unknown!! She's been creating the most adorable things with my stamps begining with the Hippys to support me, but this month she really kicked it into overdrive to come out on top of the heap! peep! Almost one EVERY day! (more than I made, geez!!) She's created a whole hoppy saga, each day a card sweeter and sillier than the one before!! And painting in the most wonderful details and landscapes! Just LOOK at this pop up card she made above!! When you see her entire body of work, you'll appreciate not only her talent, but creativity and fabulous sense of humor! Just look at a FEW of her creations, some of my faves (the other 20 or so are on her blog!!!)

Here is the interior of another pop up, she got the whole gang in there!! (LOVE the balloon wrapped around the kangaroo tail! what a party animal!)
the bunny steppin' out!!

the bunny off to market!!

and the umbrella riding chick! (she PAINTED those cattails herself!!)

Donna wrote in in one of posts she never thought whimsical or "out of the box" was her strength(but the Hoppys had inspired her) and before had always been better at doing pretty, classical cards. I BEG to DIFFER! While I do think these stamps allowed her to explore and express her silly side, I also think our best work and ideas, like my Altoid idea (one of my best ideas EVER! IMHO!) which sprang from a desire to help Gina, often come from our wishes to do something special for others, and I think our friendship drove some of that creativity. (Oh yeah, and maybe wanting some free stamps, too! AND that satisfaction we stampers get from a great idea and thinking, "HA! wait til she sees THIS!" when we get to share the finished project with our buddies! ) Congrats, Donna, you are the hoppiest of all! Hugs! You really earned these new stamps and this win! (Donna will be receiving "What's in your Tin? 2"!

There were some other really special projects I will giving a special Hoppy shout out to tomorrow, so please check back!
PS Donna's NOT on a design team, (I know! Can you believe??) Will someone please sign her up??* She's worth her weight in gold!

*I realize that this will take away from her time to use MY stamps, but hey, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make! She deserves the time to shine!!


  1. OH awesome winner!! Donna creates FABulous projects and cards!! CONGRATS Donna!! You are amazing!!!! :)

  2. Oh just lovely!!! Donna did an amazing job with your stamps...what a tret to see these!

    Congrats Donna!!!

  3. A very teary-eyed thank you, what a tribute that I will cherish ALWAYS and share with ANYONE who will listen! I had so much support & encouragement - it was gals like Charmaine, Rose Ann, Linsey, Jessie, Lee, YOU - the list goes on, that totally would make my day and yes, I was motivated by free stamps (who isn't?) but I DID want to support you {as always} in your new venture, my friend! Thank you SO much [HUGS]

  4. WHOOO HOOOOTTTT!!! My girl, Donna!!! Rockin' the house tonight, YES! I'm absolutely overjoyed for you and you SO deserve this first place win! Your Hoppy creations have been so amazing, magical and inspiring--each day you make me excite to visit your blog and see what sensational design you created and I am completely in awe every time! Companies are missing out on your outstanding talent and original creativity! I am so happy for you, Donna! Bask in your blissful hoppiness, you have truly earned it in every way! xoxoxo

  5. Congratulations, Donna! Your creations look fantastic!

  6. Waow, those cards are awesome!!! I am so checking her blog! :-)

  7. YAY Donna! I am so happy for you! You SO deserve it because everything you create is just awesome! I second that. . .somebody sign her up! :)

  8. Melanie,
    You have highlighted Donna before, and as a result, I have favorited her blog as well. I love her stuff, and you can tell she really cares about you, by how she is supporting your stamp sets. It's been very fun to see what the two of you have come up with, as I have both of these sets.

  9. you are so right....she is a gem. Each card is so creative and wonderful. Congrats Donna!

  10. What a worthy selection! Donna's work has been amazing with her hippys and hoppies, and to boot, she's so super nice, I see her commenting on everyone's blogs I read. Seriously, its like her job to go around and comment! I'm always SO happy to see her smiling little avatar pop up on SCS! Hooray for Donna!

  11. Donna rocked your stamps better than any, and I am sooooo happy for her!! Wooo hooo Donna! You deserve the win girl! You're an amazing artist/stamper, and such a sweetheart too!

  12. You deserve it girl, I LOVE your work!!! I found your blog through Mel's and I have been hooked ever since!!! Awesome stuff,enjoy the spotlight!!!

  13. wow Donna! Your cards are just amazing! I never could have imagined using these stamps in so many ways! My head is now exploding with creative ideas! Thanks to both of you for sharing your incredible talents!!

  14. HUGE congrats to Donna!!! I saw all her wonderful creations and was amazed!!! She truly deserves the credit here! :)


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