Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Slide and DP- Homemade!

Remember back to an innocent, "simpler" time when we stampers all made our own DP?? LOL! So bear with me for a minute while I share today's experiment with you. When I designed the What's In Your Tin? sets, I wanted stampers to be able to use them even if they never got into altering tins. And I'm out of tins (for a few days at least)! So until they arrive, I'll be sharing some ideas I have for projects with these sets, no tin required!!

I thought this shape would make a really interesting background if stamped "collage style", can give both a retro AND futuristic feel! I used just the one thin and thick-lined border stamp(WIYT1)* on this card, alternately inked in SU! Cool Caribbean, Pretty In Pink, and Chocolate Chip. Fill the page with one color before moving to the next. The trick to making this pattern work is getting the image's corners at right angles with your paper's corners. I did turn the stamp so that some are going horizontal and some vertical, overlapping in places, just keeping everything perpendicular(which is very easy to do to since it's mounted on a clear block. But if you look closely though at the top right corner, this one Caribbean one is a bit askew, oh well! With the bottom covered by the ribbon, it's not so very noticeable!) Layering it on the narrow Caribbean mat and pink base echoes the border widths of the stamped image.

Next, I decided to make a GINORMOUS SLIDE with the same stamp! I used my "Get Well Soon!" greeting (WIYT2) and made a slot on either side with my SU! slot punch, and threaded my Regal Rose 5/8" grosgrain through, cutting the ends with my Fiskars scissors I use only for ribbon to get that nice crisp cut.

Last, I traced just the Cool Carribean thick borders with my Stardust Stickles. I could have done all of them but I stuck with just the one that matches the border on my focal point, took less time, less Stickles, and makes that one stand out from the rest. :) Ends up looking very similar to one of those cool papers in the glitter DCVW mat packs!

So what do you think? I'm kinda diggin' it!

*blogging each day I've decided I REALLY need some acronyms!! You can still read the full title of the set in the labels, but I think I'm going to start referring to these at WIYT1 and WIYT2, okay?

AFTERTHOUGHT: Ugh, you know what would have been SO much better here?? Using my corner rounder on all the layers and card base to match the pattern and slide! (Smacking head!) Oh well, next time!


  1. Melanie~
    you just crack me up!! I love reading your blog each day and LOVE the fact that you have "DUH...shoulda done that" moments too!

  2. OH totally!!! It absolutely could have come from one of those dp packs!! As soon as I pulled up the blog I just KNEW what you did!!! Do I win a gold star??? LOL Very cool making a slide.....I see what you mean about rounding all the corners....but I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out!! I like the new Acronyms!!

  3. lol-you're too funny. I have those moments too...thanks for the ideas! Been trying to think of how I can use your set for a card for a swap for the Gina K swap I'm in.

  4. I've been enjoying your blog sooo much! I love your sense of humor and sense of style. I'm so glad that I found your blog. I look forward to seeing what else you design, and have to thank you so much for designing these sets because I'm having such a blast with them!


  5. I just received your stamp set in the mail this weekend and I loving how you used it here to my DP...LOVE IT!!! Gonna have to try this out tomorrow! Thanks for all of the great ideas, even the "Oh Duh" ones.. LOL!

  6. You are too funny!! Don't smack your head too hard, some good ideas might fly out!!LOL
    I love that you are showing other ways to use the sets. I have to admit, and don't be mad cause you know I love your stuff, but I haven't bought them yet for the simple fact that I DON'T alter stuff. I don't know why, I just don't, so I didn't think that I would need it. Now that I know I do, I will go buy them!!LOL Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas!!

  7. Melanie
    u crac up me with the duh things u du dont hit yor hed to hrd u can get a brane injure for that and i dont want ne thing to hapin to al the grate ideas u have up thare gurl u r the best cep up the grate wurc i luv to chec owt yor blog evreda and the dp idea iz the best tace care


  8. That is such clever use of that stamp. Love the colors you chose. The Stickles effect like DCWV is very effective. I do agree that the corner rounder idea would be great.

  9. I like the retro feel of that card! Very lovely!
    I just love making my DP, after all I'm a newbie so it is still exciting to me, LOL ;-)

  10. Made me think I was a kid again. Mom loved this look so must have imprinted on the brain. The geometrics and danish modern are about the only real design contribution the 50's produced.

  11. Lol! You are one funny chickie!
    Love your card!

  12. I LOVE the cool background paper! What a neat idea!

  13. how cool---I LOVE the created dp! Fantastic idea! You need to share the feedblitz contact info with me..heehee!

  14. OMG, this is like, totally radical! It does have a bit of a future feel too, but definitely is reminiscent of the 80's to me! The colors and shapes using WIYT's sets are so much fun! Very clever and perfect for those days while waiting for more tins, lol! I love it...and your idea for the abbev.'s is great!

  15. I LOVE your patterned paper!! I'm always afraid of not lining everything correctly, so I don't even attempt it. I really should sometime, 'cause yours is sooo pretty!!


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