Friday, March 7, 2008

Quickie project and update!

Edited to Add: Sneak peeks have begun! Tell me what you think of the new FREE set! (and sounds like you won't be peeking at my sets til probably Sunday! hang in there!)

I'm stamping up a storm for the release(with my new sets! and I am rocking out the cutest stuff in no time flat, it's just like I dreamed they would be!), but here's a 2 minute project I can show: it was time to get the Prismas out of their tin and into the open so I'll actually start using them! Guess what? these are my husband's! He used to be an architect, and these are his pencils from his studio days. I've never used them (I know, I know!) So anyway, I finally got to the bottom of the can of cocoa from Christmas(mmm, cocoa... you know, I just noticed the weight of the contents on the can in the pic: 1 pound. Yep, that's sounds about right. It went straight to my butt) I was about to throw it away*, and then I thought "wait, surely I can do something with this... hey, for my pencils!" So I wrapped a piece of DP around it and attached with sticky strip. It looks so cool now(and matches the walls of the office) and the best part, now it smells like *chocolate* in here! :) So look around! Anything you can beautify? I know you have extra DP! (This is the same DP from my tote, and I don't remember the brand, sorry! Do you???)

Lee writes:

Okay...........I totally think it's stamps ABOUT stamping and scrapbooking!!!!!! Is THAT it??? No "stamper" could live without and doesn't have yet???

(And just for the record, I didn't go as far as saying NO stamper could LIVE WITHOUT them, BUT... anyone who doesn't buy them...will soon be jealous of everyone who has them. It's not good to be jealous.)
Angie writes:

Maybe you used the computer to draw stuff. And maybe they are kids since they are not animals, not flowers. Then again, maybe they are shapes... and words, to be used together. Hmmmm.....

Stampmouse writes:

no hand drawn images how the heck can that be do you have someones dog doing them this time?? lol

Nah. I prefer not to have to split my profits. It's all me.
Jeanne writes:
I'm going to expand on Angie's idea. I think maybe it's shapes and words too, just like SU's Scalled (scalloped?) set and In my Thoughts (maybe in the stars is what she meant?)sets in the mini -- designed to work with the punches. Are we getting warmer? (no worries Jeanne, I make way more typos than this!)
Shapes and words...interesting...but that's been done before...(but not like this!)
"just like SU!'s sets": no. That would be like something. These are like nothing. ever. before!
No, they're not for punches.
but yes, in a way, you are getting warmer!
* which is not like me at ALL to throw something out(packrat), but I'm trying very hard to simplify my life!


  1. hmmm more hints.

    maybe they are words that were done by the computer and can be twisted around to make into different shapes or done in shapes we haven't seen like stars.

  2. Yes, I like the can. No, I have no idea whatsoever now! But it's a good thing you could see through my typo's! I had 7 4th grade boys right outside the window so I was distracted! Usually I'm better about the typo's! Jeanne

  3. I was close! But now I've no idea anymore... shapes, words, something for backgrounds maybe. Or backgrounds AND focal points. I can't wait to see!

  4. Wow, I love everyone's ideas. I am thinking that it has something to do with words. . . . but after that I'm clueless!

  5. ok i want anthr ges at this stamp sets now that i have al the info frum u so it iz a set with pepl and wurds to go with them how abowt that mis mel i am geting wormr


    ps the can iz cute to

  6. I need to do this too. I'm just having a hard time with the thought that "they won't be in the tin they came in". (even though I've bought some single pencils, so they can't all fit in there anyway) Oooooh...can the Prismacolor tins be altered? Hmmmmm....

  7. Cool can , I like to save things like that too to alter , did some pringles cans a few years ago !

  8. Very cute altered can!!

    Oh I'm totally baffled!!! Hmmmm......I'm racking my brain here!! And you're didn't say we couldn't live without them......but I know that I CAN'T!!!!!!! LOL

    What about watermark-type sentiments??? Or words/sentiments that make up the borders???

  9. wtg cute project, fun and easy just my speed.

  10. Great pencil can--can't believe you neglected those prismas for so long, haha! I'm just gonna have to wait till Monday because my head hurts from trying to uncover this great mystery...I thought Jeopardy was hard, crikey! hugs till tomorrow's munchie!

  11. I made a pencil can out of a coffee can the other day. My husband thought I was insane. hehe! Good thing he drinks lot of coffee, because I have lots MORE pencils. Waah!

    Ooh, okay..warmer on shapes...are you doing customizable backgrounds? Eee...that'd be fun, wouldn't it?

    I always thought making a sort of paper doll people stamps would be cool. heh Pieces and parts to people to make them do whatever you want. I played around with attempting that in Illustrator but I gave up because I can't draw hands. :( I did have heads with various hair lengths and different clothes drawn. heh!

    Can't wait to see what is coming!

  12. I almost guessed shapes. But that's been done beofre so I rejected that guess. Am looking forward to seeing what they are!

    Your can is great. I have one beside my moniotor that a friend made for me last year and have pens, pencils, scissors, a bone folder, a rivett punch and usually some double sided sticky in there. It's so handy!

  13. Love the cute can - great job altering it!

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but, what about food - such as cute little food characters such as nuts or cupcakes - okay, maybe cupcakes is just wishful thinking on my part - LOL! So my guess is a two step stamping food stamp sets.

  14. omgosh...I still can't think of what your stamp set is! But I keep reading the hints, hopefully soon I will get it! lol...Your tutorial today is wonderful, thank you again for sharing!

  15. iuwdlwgkI love those cans... I have been collecting formula cans for 'future' projects. :o) Love the DP... TFS!

  16. Knew I've been saving tins for something! Good tip. I think you might have swirls and geometrics. So many uses.


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