Friday, January 23, 2009

Wanna be Inspired?

Sankari Wegman is one of my guest designers this month, I first became familiar with Sankari and her work through Papercraft Planet. She is such an artist and inspiration, and I am still dumbfounded she has only been stamping a few months, (and you will be too when you see the amazing detail she puts into her cards! *) Additionally, she is quite the cinephile, and has teamed up with her friend Brooke to host something called Cinema Saturday Challenge! If you love movies, this is the perfect way to to incorporate this medium into your crafting! Each week they choose a different movie, (giving you peeks on Fridays, (it's so much fun to guess! although i haave no clue what this week's is) and then some great trivia about the film and their samples Not only are they outstanding films, but are always visually stunning, which makes the perfect starting point for a stunning card! Then you get a chance to play along too, the winner receives the coveted "Audrey Award"(see above!), is that not the cutest?? (That's a button I'd love to have on my blog!! I didn't win this, though, just lifted it to share it for the post!! )

You'll hear more about Sankari and Cinema Saturday in my Q&A I always share from my guest designers, but I wanted to give you a heads up now to go check out the challenges from weeks past (I know you'll find some of your favorite "classics" in there, there are definitelyy some I'd like to backtrack and do!) and give you a chance to play along this weekend! Now that our release is over, this is definitely the kind of challenge I want to make time for (while I munch on a bucket of popcorn LOL!) and have a DVD playing in the background!

*Some are more like actual movie props, check out this one for "Fellowship of the Rings" challenge! Thud!!


  1. Oh Melanie!!! You are toooo sweet! (totally blushing over here) Thank you so much for your sweet words - you totally leave me speechless in thanks! And as for "thuds".... ummm... that would be ALLLLLL your projects and cards missy!!!!

    Big hugs and smiles!!
    Hot Cocoa Cheers!
    Sankari :)

  2. Way to go Sankari. What an honor to be recognized by one of the Stamping "Celebrities". Can't wait to go check out your blog.

  3. Now THAT is a challenge! Wow and Thud all at once! Thanks so much for sharing...I will be checking it the inspiration tingles I feel already!
    Kim Marie

  4. Ahhhhh. How sweet of you so spread the word about Sankari and my Challenge Blog.. We are having such a great time stretching out creative boundaries.. It's so fun to see your cute little smile face over on out blog...
    Your blog is so inspiring. Thanks for all you share.. What a great artist you are... I look forward to getting to know you more...


  5. I just recently found Cinema Saturday and I am really excited about the challenge this weekend. It will be my first attempt! I like it because it is so different from any other idea to challenge me yet and it promises nothing but fun!!
    Melanie, it says that you are from Dayton, that correct?? If so I am from Springfield! Vicki


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