Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog Candy Update

So hoppy some of you are excited about the candy! (30 minutes after I posted I'd had visits but no comments, and I was sweating a little that I might have crummy candy!) WHEW!

But now that they're pouring in, I am enjoying reading your comments IMMENSELY! In fact, it's a little spooky how close some of you are in your guesses, as well as the reasons you give for why you think they'd make good stamps*, is there a spy cam in my house I should know about?! Among yesterday's responses I spotted 4 animals from a soon to be released set, 4 from another, and 4 from another!! (exact dates TBA on all these, we wanna spread 'em out a little, but yeah, I work way, WAY ahead on some of this stuff) Which animals?** You'll have to wait and see, but I tell ya, there are a few of you out there really thinking like a stamp designer! :) (please feel free to go back and make yourself crazy rereading the comments to figure it out!)

However, NO one yet has correctly guessed the number of animals in my March release! muwahahahahaha!!

Here is a card included in my blog candy package that I have not yet posted "Up, Up, and Away!"(or "Hanging by a Toe"(Toad!), which is how I feel at the end of most days except without the big grin on my face!) Similar to "Air Mail" but this one has a friend hitching a ride! I finally got on the Wild Wasabi train, too, as you can see here, don't have the ink(I blended my WWCs to color) but I'm loving the CS and striped ribbon! The plaid is from the self adhesive DCVW mat pack (boy, am I getting some good use out of this thing, thanks for enabling, Donna!) The aqua background was done with the Pale Aqua copic (I think I will definitely be getting more of the BG colors I love how pale they are , no stroke marks, perfect for backgrounds(hence the BG I suppose!)

Still have to finish the "Hoppy Treats" and photograph!!*** Check back tomorrow! Don't forget to comment on the BLOG CANDY post below if you haven't already, winner will be announced on Thursday!

*This is very exciting, because I'm confident at least some of you are SURE to buy these sets!! ;)

** No fair guessing if you are part of my " 'hood focus group"! ;)

***Can I be frank? I ATE all the Sugar Babies, gotta go buy some more now, sorry about that!!


  1. Love your stuff!! :-)

    I think you said I could leave 2 comments for qualify...I'm the one wanting more of the cutsie frog! And would like some cutsie turtles!

    But I forgot to guess the # of animals in your next set...how about 9!??

    Great job...keep it up!

  2. That card is too cute! Please don't sweat it when we don't get here right away! Sometimes I don't get to the computer for fun time for a couple of days but your blog is one of the few that I check as soon as I can. Great job on your stamp sets and I can't wait for the future ones. Thanks for all that you do.

  3. I {heart} your card! I spied it in the blog candy post for sure! I haven't used this mat stack as much as the glitter one, but still like it!

  4. how about some cute skunk, racoon,and maybe some fishies? I think 15 will be the number.

  5. How could you possibly think you offered "crummy blog candy?!?!" It's such a generous prize, and anyone who wins it will be thrilled! I love this frog card in its beautiful colors! The frog is what sold me on this set in the first place! He's too cute and so versatile - he'll get used often around my house:) I love what you do with him (and all the other adorable creatures in your stamp sets.) TFS all of your creative ideas!

  6. I just have to leave a comment.........I am thinking there are about 5 animals in your new set..........hopefully some turtles.

    That blog candy is something I have my eye on. Thank you for your blog and all the info you share on here, I visit daily if not more!!!!!!


  7. This card is so super cute!!! Love that frog, but can I ask, is it a boy or a girl, can it be both??? I think so, but someone posted to me yesterday that the eyelashes were too long to be a boy!!LOL She obviously hasn't met my little brother, he has eyelashes that make even me jealous!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  8. ROFL!!! You crack me up!! Sugar babies are all gone, eh??? ;) Ohhhh......there were so many guesses on animals my brain is spinning with how many more Mel sets I'm gonna own!!!! :) And that's a happy thought!! I love this card!! Wasabi is a good color for da frog!!! Can't wait to see the new sets!!! Or find out who the winner is for the fantastical blog candy!!!!

  9. This is so cute! Love the purple/green combo & how the image is going "outside the box". :-)

  10. TOADally Adorable!!

    Frogalicious !

    Love it!

  11. I toadly hip hop to the number of 5 toadly.

  12. I toadly over looked 5 toadal. I guess there will be 7 toadal

  13. I think you will put 8 animals on the next release. I think you might have a flamingo in the set.

  14. Too cute! How about 9?

    Chris R. from Iowa


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