Monday, February 18, 2008

Get Hoppin'!

You may have looked at the image sheet and wondered "what is that?" A hop mark! (of course!) Betcha don't have one! But you really NEED one! LOOK:

you can use it for animals going this way...

or that way...
or over and over, hippity-hop!

Now almost any animal in your stamp collection can be set in motion!! This truly is a "must have" stamp! *
I'll come back later and post finished cards with the rest of these(you'll hop right out of your seat when you see the kangaroo!!), I realized equipping you ASAP with hopping info now that your sets are arriving was a stamping emergency!

*IMHO :)


  1. Oops, I missed leaving a comment on this one. The bunnies remind me of RiverDance.

  2. Thanks! I sure needed to be versed in the hopping protocol!
    LOVE your hopping bunnies all in a row!

  3. How absolutely too cute! love the Bunnies...are they doing the can can? :)

  4. Oh I love the little hoppy motion!! What an adorable line of dancing bunnies! I had a Dutch Dwarf bunny that looked almost exactly like your black and white bunny!!

  5. Well how darned clever is that! I'm soooo loving that hopping mark thingy!

  6. So cute!! We definitely needed that!!

  7. uhhh, you are SO cool! I love the hopping motion can use it for all of 'em! It was Presidents Day today so no mail...whhaaaahh!!, (yes, that me throwing a fit). Donna is making such adorable creations already, I'm trying to be gracious and not think only about CASing all her ideas, and ofcourse, YOURS, hehe!


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