Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's in YOUR Pouch?

I'm back with that hoppin' image from the other day (I sent this card out to one of my Hippy Mentions today, but changed the greeting, as I really have no idea when her birthday is!) I goofed and went outside the lines with my brown when coloring and couldn't get it to go away enough with the blender, so I just decided his shadow would have to be brown and piled a bunch more on(because you KNOW I'M not stamping it over again!) I needed some colors I didn't have Copics for and I'm just still much better with shading with my watercolor crayons, so I used them on the balloons with my Aquapainter. The rose and green balloons are popped up on dimensionals. When I drew this image I knew the pouch was ripe with possibilities, couldn't wait to have a bunch of balloons streaming out! (wait til you see my NEXT balloon card-HEE!) The DP is from my DCVW adhesive mat pack. I made the zigzag border with my deco scissors.

TIP: I only *just* cut apart my "hoppy" from the "birthday"! With these unmounted stamps it is so easy to get them lined up on the acrylic blocks if I want them "stacked" or next to each other, I'm so glad I did it, much easier than omitting and cleaning...

s you can see, I still need work with the Copics!! Some areas look pretty good, others not so much. Unsolved mysteries: Can someone tell me why some leave NO lines (pink) and others do(brown)? And why some practically disappear altogether when applying the colorless blender to them(brown) and others remain unchanged???(PINK!) I'd love to know!!

EDITED TO ADD: Thank YOU to all the Copic pros who took one look at my stripey kangaroo "emergency" and contacted me!! I will definitely be emailing back, calling etc later, but I have a little boy to take to the museum right now! The short answer to my problem is: Color in CIRCLES, baby!!! I will try tonight! :)


  1. What an adorably adorable card!! I'm running out of cute descriptive words for all your creations so you'll have to put up with repetiton from me!!! LOL 'Cuz they ARE adorable and fun and I love 'em!! Okay...I'm a bit slow.....why didn't I cut my sentiments that way instead of masking them and goofing??!! Thanks for the tip!! And great shadowing idea.....I have a few images that I need to use this trick with!!! :)

  2. well, you will just have to WAIT and see, won't ya?? I have a few tricks up my sleeve - I just have to get my stamping mojo back! I LOVE this! question - are you working in circles with your copics? That's key to making sure there are no lines. maybe the pink remains unchanged because it's so light to begin with & you can't tell?

  3. What a super cute card!!Love the colors and how you turned a mistake into a super cute shadow!!

  4. Adorable, Melanie! Sorry I can't help with the copic questions! I just bought five myself and do not know much about them...I have always been a watercolorer!

  5. Very cute! Glad I hopped by!
    Copics, I am in nooooooo way a pro but I have learned that Papertrey white CS is the best for coloring with. The SU is really thin and pills,just a thought. And I agree with Donna, work in circles and your less likely to leave any lines!

    The kangaroo pouch is just full of posibilities!

  6. I work in cicles also with the copics. This does pretty well for me. I also try not to overlap my strokes too much with darker colors. When I do the darker color just seems to deepen. Hope this helps a little.. I am loving this set by the way. Later today I'm posting a birth announcement on my blog made with Hoppy.


  7. What a cute card! I sat in on a demo at copic while in CHA, and they said to apply color in circles, I have a few hints for you too, but for whatever reason, my email gets kicked out from your server, think's I'm spam. Do you have IM? Maybe call me - rats, I don't want to post my phone number HERE but can't email you. I'll PM you on SCS with it and I can share the tips I learned at CHA!

  8. I think this is a fun card. I love the layout. I will enjoy seeing mroe creations. Jennie


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