Saturday, February 2, 2008

(Insert Best Tarzan Yell Here)

I wanted to call this post "Ah-ah-AHHHH, ah AHH, ahahahahahhhhh!!!!!!" but I just wasn't sure how to spell it. Here I randomly stamped a couple flowers above and below the monkey and attached them with a line(plus a couple leaves) to make a flowery vine! Perfect for inviting a good friend "to swing by"!

Tip: I was sure this Target DP would be a good match for Regal Rose ink; it's not. Or for any of my other inks! Luckily, negative images look great on a piece of DP, the color you need will show through and be a perfect match for that patterned background paper!

CONTEST UPDATE: Are you ALIVE out there? So far I've only gotten four entries!! Although these make for very good odds for my current contestants, I know darn well we've sold more than 4 sets, and there's a ton of samples in the SCS gallery, not to mention all my hippy sightings! Was I wrong about you all wanting some FREE stamps?? You've got to ENTER to win! (Now I realize you may all just be carefully planning out the most awesomest thing ever made with a stamp set requiring several days to complete it, and you'll be squeaking it in at the last minute, making me sweat over here, is that it? If you have no clue what I'm talking about right now, there's a contest!! Please take a minute to read contest DEETS below or click on my free stamp link!)

SWING back in tomorrow! Have a great day!


  1. oh, that's a cute card. Of course, all of your cards are cute!

  2. Well, (hanging my head) I don't own the hippy set yet. I will eventually and if I did, I would enter...but alas, I will just look forward to seeing what other people create and watching for the winner you choose!
    Love your blog - it's a hoot to read!

  3. This is adorable! I love the flowery vine!!

    I don't know if you saw my giraffe yet.

  4. this is ADORABLE! I love it -great tip about the DP & negative images!

  5. This is a swingin' great card!!!! thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.

  6. I would love to enter, but by the time you posted the contest I didn't think I would have time to order the stamps, and get them delivered to Canada in time.

    I LOVE your hippy set, but I like to 'build up' my orders and not just get one set at a time.

    This card is great! I love the idea of stamping solid images on patterned paper. I haven't tried that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Hi Melanie!
    I had my hippy butt in my crap room today and made 2 more cards for your contest! I will upload tomorrow or Monday!! BTW, I love your card!


  8. Oh what an adorable monkey card!!! Ohhhh......I think I'll try to send a second card in!! I gotta do somethin' cute with the hippo!! :)

  9. The Hippy set is on my b'day list,if I don't get it,I will be ordering it cause it is so cool!!!
    Love your vine you created,your card is too cute for words!!!

  10. I love the monkey swinging on the vine! I sent you my version of Tarzan, but I am planning on making some more cards with this set before the deadline. I will have to come up with something catchy for the hippo and giraffe now!LOL


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