Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Many Hippys Return...!

NO, I'm talking about my next release! I realized I've forgotten to share some other notable and fun projects submitted for last month's contest (I don't have to stamp something every day, do I?) So glad I remembered becuase there are really some great ideas to be CASED from these entries, as well as I've been so hoppy lately I'm forgetting to still be hippy. Here are just a few, more to come!

This card was made by Heidi Schmidbauer. (I'm not sure if she has a blog or gallery, I can't find it! Heidi??) I loved the simplicity of this card, it colors (Real Red is my fave and with black and white one of my fave combos, Just So Striking!) and layout, and I HEART the way she wrote her OWN greeting in the three balloons! So sweet!

The following projects are both by Lisa Foust. First, I thought it was such a cute idea to wrap a MONKEY band around a gift loaf of banana bread! Have a slice and a smile :) Her next project is one for you serious hippy fans (and I know you're out there!*): a magentic tic tac toe set for the fridge!! Isn't that a hoot?! When I saw it I realized (after I stoppped laughing) they really DO look like X's and O's! Fun for little kids and big kids alike :) She explained that she used her xyron with the laminating magnetic cartridge to make it. Thanks, Lisa, I'm glad to see you** are playing with my kids every day!! ;) I think a little travel set for my children is in their future. :)

Expect to see more of these from time to time, yours may pop up here one day soon!

Blog candy announced tomorrow, still time to enter!

* out there AND "OUT THERE!" s'okay, I am, too! :)

**She SAYS it for her daughter, but I'm sure Lisa is always ready for a quick "pick up" game each time she opens and closes that door! ;)


  1. Super FUNtastic ideas!!! I gotta go do the monkey one for some banana bread!! I totally do!! Thanks so much for sharing more wonderful Hippy creations!!

  2. I feel so special now! Thanks Melanie for the mention!!!! The banana is actually a clip art image on a shrinky-dink. I had so much fun with the contest!! Need to start working on the next contest now!

  3. great ideas and great cards. People are so creative with their ideas!

  4. Wow Melanie! Thanks so much for mentioning me and sharing my card! I'm so excited! I don't have a blog but I do have a very small gallery on SCS (My username is has2stamp) The other projects are so cool! Thanks again!

  5. Hippy is too much fun.. No doubt I'll be using it regularly for years to come. I'm still posting hippy cards. Last week I think I did three in a row.

  6. cute ideas the banana bread cracked me up

  7. So cute,love the monkey and the banana bread,wonderful idea!!!

  8. OMGosh, these are fabulous! The banana bread is so cute with monkey and I love the hippo fridge magnet game! Fun and creative, fresh and new ideas, tfs, Melanie! GReat work, Lisa!


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