Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hippy Mentions!

There were SO many fun projects submitted for the contest (I actually WASN'T prepared for how hard it would be!) but the following cards were my faves (in no particular order) and just outstanding in every way! I can imagine any one of them on the pages of a magazine. :) I will be sending ALL my hippy mentions a card I made using my NEW Just So Hoppy set, because I am just humbled by your fantastic work! So if you see you name here, please send me your snail mail addy and I will send your card :)

Lee Murphy-I love this soft, monochromatic card! All the piercing, the oval frame, ribbon, and patterned papers made for such a dreamy little baby card.

Lynda Bynden-There are so many things I love about this card. This funky heart paper she started with really made for a great card, and she pulled in so many different elements to showcase it. I love all the metallic bing she piled on, from the glitter on the heart spots and balloon to all those heart-shaped brads and shimmery ribbon. The little black bow she tied for the balloon was just right!

Lauren Meader-So very "Lauren"! gorgeous colors, layout, love all the flowers, and so cute the way she embossed the hiney with hearts and tied a little hemp bow around his tail, it's like he's trying to peek around to figure out what he was trying to remember! HA!

Charmaine Ikach-made a terrific interactive card(which I am always such a sucker for!), the "Rump Shaker"(my words, not hers, Charmaine calls it a "tilt" card, that sounds much better :)) She made it like a mini spinner with a penny and dimensionals so that instead of turning, the bottom just wiggles back and forth! She demonstrates in these pics how you tilt it with each "hip!" "hip!" "hooray!" Don't you love it?? So clever!!! I really like how she use the different colors for the words to set that off, too. :) Charmaine, I know people are going to be wanting a tutorial!!! *
Amber Hight- what a fantastic layout for this giraffe, I love the three sections. I also thought her scalloped edge, dotted paper and colors were so fun and fesh. And did you see the little flower she tucked behind the ear?? Now that's sassy!
Jessica Knight-This layout and colors on this next card are just so stunning! I love that black with the pinks! And the huge brads and alternating colors on the giraffes are just perfect. I also love how she spotlighted and repeated just the face in these scalloped punches. Outstanding work, Jessica!
I will be sharing SEVERAL other projects/3D items and gift entries on my blog over the next few weeks, there were so many cute unique ideas to share, thank you everyone who gave me a peek into what you've been creating!

If you played but did NOT win the free set this time (please keep playing!), I hope you'll still be inspired to get "Just So Hoppy" to enjoy with your hippys, don't let the fun stop now! If you thought you could do a lot with the first set, you won't believe what you can do with the second, and when you have BOTH, oh my! I can't wait to see what people will come up with for the NEXT contest! I also hope even more people participate for a chance to win one of my future releases! I am almost finished designing the set, but exact release date for it is yet to be determined. The competition starts as soon as the new Gina K release orders start arriving in your homes, end date TBA soon(I'm thinking April? maybe May...) Have fun!

* If you don't have time, girl, don't worry 'bout it! ;)


  1. Holy cow, every last one of these is truly outstanding! I already want Charmaine's *rump shaker* or more PC, *tilt* tutorial! I'll be casing all of these fabulous creations for sure! Awesome stuff everyone!!!

  2. Waow! All those cards are fantastic!! :-)
    It must be so fun for you to see people use the images YOU drew!! Awesome!♥
    Can't wait to discover the bunch of critters in the new set.... ;-)

  3. Oh!!! The rump shaker is AWESOME!!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I was surprised as Heck to see my card!! And so very honored!!! Now I've already ordered the Just So Hoppy set and will be rarin' to go when I get it!!! Thanks for having such a fun and creative blog!!! I love it!!

  4. WOOHOO!! Thank you so much for picking one of my cards as an honorable mention!! I am so honored!! Thanks!!

  5. All of these are fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing them!!

  6. YEAH! You made my day. I am the one Hoppin! They are all fabulous. I would hate to choose to. Thanks for being SO generous and letting us all share the rubbah love!
    Congrats on the release too :D YOu must be so excited.

  7. Oh how exciting! I am HONORED to be among these totally HIPPY cards! Every one of them is fantastic! Thanks, Melanie!

  8. Hey Melanie, let me know if you didn't get my email. . .I've tried sending it twice and I keep getting an undeliverable message. I don't want to load up your inbox! :)

  9. Thank you Melanie for my "Hippy Mention"! All of the cards are great! Thank you again and BTW, your new release is fantastic!


  10. These cards are all adorable!! I gotta buy a set just so I can make that CUTE rump shaker. LMBO. That is too, too funny! What a fun blog you have here, Melanie. I really enjoy seeing all the creations. Of course they are on such terrific hand-drawn images that you came up with. What talent. Okay, gotta go to Gina's to get me that set!! :)


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