Saturday, February 23, 2008

Keepin' it Together

It's been a long time since I've posted any pics of my desk, there's a reason for that! I'm sorry to say it was time for a serious intervention before I could possibly proceed with even one more project! So instead of a card* this afternoon, I am doing a little straightening up! (but for a great new hoppy project posted, look at Jana's frog in a box today for some inspiration! can I get a "WOW!"*)I have to say I am normally one of the last people on earth you should be getting organizational tips from! Although I like things to *look* nice and neat, there's almost always a big pile of somethin' underneath it, shoved in the closet etc! But I think most messy people have at least one or two things they love enough to take proper care of/want to create some kind of system for, and for me that is my stamps and select craft supplies! So today I share a few photos and tips...
First is this great article on how to keep your most-often-used unmounted stamps at the ready, appropriately enough, by the lovely and talented Gina K! And above is a pic of how you can keep ALL your Just So Hippys and Hoppys on one 8 1/2 x 11 holder, with room to spare! Since these sets coordinate, it makes perfect sense to store them like this to mix and match your sentiments, balloons, flowers etc. (wow, look at the hippo tushy! Now that has been a well loved/inked stamp in need of some serious UltraClean!)

Now this next tip is my own: Let's say you are working a on a card and your desk** is SO messy you can't find any of your acrylic blocks!! Now you only have ten minutes to work, and you cannot afford to spend them cleaning your desk! (be the good stamper that you are and make the right choice!) Here is a simple solution: stick your unmounted stamp to the clear lid of your ink pad(you DO need to know where that is!) and stamp away! How convenient that these are also clear, like your blocks, love the dual purpose!! At some point, I would recommend picking up and switching back to the real thing, but it will get you by in a pinch. :)
PS Did you know: spellcheck button is back in business! For awhile there I wasn't even checking anymore but then yesterday thought I'd give it a try, and BOOM! yellow boxes everywhere! This is very exciting, thanks for hanging in there with my alphabet soup every day the past few weeks!

*have you checked out my list of who's hoppy?? You'll flip! (Donna has about 2 pages worth, when you get there, just keep scrolling!!)
**not mine! ;)


  1. that IS a great tip! I will share mine soon too, thanks for the HOPPY mention - just WAIT till you see what's next!!!

  2. VERY cool idea!!!! I've been putting them back into the ziplocks and having to sort thru each time I use them. I will definitely be re-organizing!!! I am LOVIN' Donna's creations!!! :)

  3. What great ideas...I sometimes think that my craft area is a black hole. :) I lose everything. Thanks for sharing. Jennie

  4. Love your tips! Thanks!

    Donna sure has been rockin' out your sets!! I know I need to play with them more myself! They are just sooo cute!!


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