Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just So Hoppy Tip Sheet

A new stamp set calls for a new tip sheet*! I've actually thought of several other things to do with it since I wrote it up, but will have to come back and edit it to add (got a sick kiddo at home today, and I am, too. :( My next few posts might be on the shorter side as a result.)

Several of the tips on here I'd love to be able to wait and surprise you with a sample I've made illustrating it first, but I decided to go ahead and put it up now so you can get some ideas right away. If you missed the release party, the other night, you can see several more Hoppy samples here, and I will post and explain how I made them and more as soon as I am able. (In addition to the sniffles, I'm also a little swamped with putting the finishing touches on my next release(!) AND preparing something for Andrea Hays' Featured Crafter spot, which will be up on Friday, the 15th. I'm so excited to be intereviewed for her blog, please check it out!)

I still haven't figured out how to attach a word document here (I will attach one in the Gina K forum), but you can always find this post in my label section on the right when you need it. I recommend copying, pasting, printing it out and keeping it with your set. Fold it in half , it fits in the bag very nicely! :)

Just So Hoppy Tip Sheet
by Melanie Muenchinger

A "hop mark" is included that works with all animals, whether they are bouncing left or right! Have fun putting them in motion!

While a few of the greetings and images provided allow for holiday projects like Easter and St. Patrick's day ("good luck"), the set has been designed for year round use. Note the baby greetings and "thank you"!

All the images and greetings in this set are meant to coordinate with the Just So Hippy set! Mix and match the things the animals will hold, and create gorgeous MIXED balloon and flower bouquets when you have BOTH sets!

Three of the animals are great opportunities to try out Fun Flock for a fuzzy, "touch me" effect!

Cut out and pop up the different props for a great 3-D effect.

Try drawing curved or wavy stems with the tulips, which is characteristic for this "wandering" flower (which keeps growing after cut, did you know that??)

Stamp the images onto designer printed papers and cut out for a gorgeous paper-pieced effect (be sure try it with the umbrella, two coordinating prints for the top and underside looks very sharp!)

Draw in your own string for the balloon, stems for the flowers, clovers, and handle for your umbrella and you won't need to mask or worry about the image not meeting up with the animal. This gives you complete control over curved or straight, how long or short you need them. Stamp both images first, then connect starting from the prop to the animal using a straight edge (or just freehand to match the set.)

Use a toothpick instead of drawing a line for the handle, and you'll have "a drink umbella"!

The butterflies are meant to be cut separately, but by putting them on the same block you can make quick gorgeous backgrounds! Position them to have your animal watching them fluttering by, or omit the dotted trail and you can stamp them lighting on your animal's hands, head, ear, etc.

Stamp lots of flowers and clover at the bottom of your paper and then add your animal(s) and a "hop" to make it tiptoeing through the tulips, picking blossoms as they go!

The puddle can be used for the frog to leap out of (or into, depending on the direction you stamp him) The other animals can be jumping through them using the hop marks with the puddle.

Use the drops for rain, a spray behind the frog as he's coming out of the water, or on either side of the different animals' feet if using with the puddle.

Stamp the little greetings on the balloon or on the bunny's tummy. These greetings fit on MOST tags, punches and dies out there, have fun!

Trim or omit the TIED part of the balloon and you've got a perfect EGG! STamp the small images from the hippy or hoopy set on it for patterned eggs or balloons.

Ink up just the outline of the chick, omitting the face, and you can have a back view!

Stamp flowers coming out of the kangaroo pouch. Try cutting a slit in the pocket and insert a rolled up bill or love note. :)

Omit the handle on the handle of the basket, draw a few vertical lines on the top for candles poking out and you've got a beautiful birthday cake!

Flowers spilling out of the umbrella would be gorgeous for showers and announcements.

Try making the animals holding hands.

Make masks of your animals and store them with your set. You'd be amazed what other things these animals could hold, have fun looking through your stamp collection!

Substitute primas, velvet or punched blossoms for the flower stamp.

The flowers and balloons and basket can be held from their mouths, tail, or hands! (The basket can be looked over the elbow, doesn't have to be in the fingers.) Have fun coming up with your own fun compositions and combinations! The possibilities are endless!

Sponge a cloud background, add an animal and a cluster of balloons and they'll look like they're being lifted/drifting into the sky.

Every post needs a pic, so above is a project I created for the Gina K Design gallery this month, using my Just So hoppy set and the Free with Three set Tag, You're it! More deets about these little watering cans later, but I love thow the different tag borders and flower and heart stamps from that set work on the SU! Scallop punch!

*Some of these tips ARE repeats from the Hippy Tip Sheet, since I intended them to be used together and in similar ways, for anyone who doesn't have that set or tip sheet (but what are you waiting for? Look over there at how many cool people have gotten hippy! And that reminds me: my hoppy sighting search will begin in about 3-4 days!! ;)


  1. WOW your project is so pretty. Gina always comes up with the coolest stamps. I love the colors and the feeling of spring. It's so cold here and seeing this, give me HOPE! Your tip sheet is wonderful.

  2. Oh are these absolutely adorable, Melanie! So springy and CUTE!

  3. Melanie, your new stamp is is fabulous! Love all your ideas!
    Gina K.

  4. oh wowzer! What an fan-tab-u-lous project! I'm getting that free set too, so I can totally CASE these, YES! I can't wait to see all the wonderful inspiration to come! And this tip sheet--it's like GOLD! Thanks so much, can't wait to start my hoppy stamping!

  5. Wow!!! I will be definitely printing and putting with my new set.........which shipped out today!!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!! I can't wait to Get Hoppy With It!!! Thanks Melanie and I sure hope you all get better sooooon!!!

  6. The new set is so cute! I am so excited to have you on my site this week!


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