Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Look, Moms: Fast, FREE Valentines!

Tomorrow's Valentines day-ackk!!! Despite me preparing all these projects for Vday these past two months for the set and the blog, it completely slipped my mind to make the 16 goodies I need for Jonathan's calss tomorrow! His school has a no candy policy(booooo! but that's okay, I've eaten it all anyway) so here's what I'm doing (because I do not have time now for 16 hippy treat boxes-urghh!) Here's a link I received for Chuck E Cheese Valentines, hope you can open it; if not, sign up on their website for email discounts, you'll never have to buy tokens again! There are 4 valentines to a page, you just print out on cardstock, cut, and each can be redeemed for 5 tokens! What kid wouldn't love that??

On the back side of each I will stamp my hippys and color(or maybe let Jonathan color... I suspect he will embrace this project with enthusiasm, and then tire out after the third one, leaving it to me, that's kid of how it always goes.) I will add a pic later, I'm out of memory space on my camera, gotta transfer the pics and run some errands, I'll be later!


  1. Very cool, i stamped 36 (yes, 36!) cute cards for my daughters class and she colored all of them but i think i will add this coupons for the kids (she'll be a hit, for a day =) and thanks to you =)

  2. Oh I think it would be hilarious to do this for my teenagers!! Can you imagine their faces?? LOL


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