Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Extreme Stamproom Makeover

ACKKK!! Look at my new and improved(clean!) stamp room! Did some pick up and re-org during the all-day rainstorm a few weekends ago , I'm just pleased as punch with how it turned out!! ;) You've seen other storage systems like this for punches, but I just had to share the pics anyway(these rods were from IKEA, inexpensive (under $4!)and cool-looking), DH hung them with just enough space underneath for me to fit lots of cups of markers, pencils and have a permanent spot tucked away from my projects to still give me lots of workspace and I can leave my 'bug open and anchored ready to emboss and cut any time, (instead of having to take it in some other room because there's no space left on my messy desk)
All my Nestabilities are stored in CD cases in the cube on the wall above to the left, and my CB folders are in the basket below that.

And look at this, unlike myself, people who are super organized read my blog! This is so exciting! Look, Jennifer sent me her cutomized plan of attack after reading about my house!

"Here is how I keep my house clean. And then basically do nothing but do things that I want to do the rest of the time. :D

On Monday I do my laundry. The beauty about laundry is that you put in a load and you can go back and do whatever it is you want to do. BUT...remember to set a TIMER..just a kitchen timer...for the length of your washing machine cycle. Then you'll remember to go switch them out to the dryer. THEN set a timer for the amount of drying time and go immediately and take them out the dryer and just lay them out flat on the bed if you don't want to fold and hang them up. That way you won't have to iron anything (I'd rather be boiled in oil than to iron.) Remember to re-set the timer for the washing machine. :D

Then on Tuesday, I go grocery shopping. I keep a magnetic pad on the fridge so that I can keep a running list of things we need. If it isn't on the list or doesn't catch my eye when I'm in the store, I don't buy it.

Wednesday I go to the post office. You know how you box up stuff (or at least I do) and then they sit there for-ev-ah. Well, I take care of the post office and the library that day...the library is next door to the post office.

Thursday is my cleaning day. I run the vacuum, mop, dust (with a Swiffer duster) and make sure that everything looks nice in the house. (I don't clean the bathrooms or the cat litter pan, that is my husband's job plus he cooks and does the trash.) My cleaning day takes me less than an hour to complete (I have a lot of wood floor to be mopped.)

Friday is the day that I find a special project kind of thing to work on for a little while. Nothing too strenuous but maybe I was wanting to clean out under my bathroom sink or something. I call this my "Day of Discovery" because I'm always finding things on my special project day that I forgot I have. And basically the messes that happen throughout the day, I deal with as I go along. I clean up after myself and the furchildren. Like if I spill something on the stovetop, I'll wipe it up right then rather than waiting 'til later because later it will be a hot mess to try to clean up after it is all burnt on and dried up and yucky.

Oh, and buy a Roomba. I run my Roomba every day in my "public" rooms. It works well on my carpet, wood floors, area rugs, and tile. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats so I have a LOT of fur...plus stray pieces of dog and cat food and dirt that they track in from outside, etc. Sometimes I run it twice a day...and it really does work and it really does help. I do run the regular vacuum once per week though.There you have it. The diary of an obsessive neat freak who also stamps and does charity work and designs websites and does graphics work and on and on....Anyway, just wanted to share! Sorry for writing a book. ":D

Jennifer, would you like to adopt me?? Or can I adopt you??(and then you'd live here with me...!)

Incidentally, I did a bit of a "Tackle it" Friday a few weeks ago while I was trying to stay off the computer(remember I said I was going to??), not a complete success, but far from a failure!! I stayed out of the (locked!) office until approximately 10:30 AM, before which I got my closet cleaned out and bagged up 5 bags of clothes(that were old, holey, unflattering, probably should have never bought, etc etc!) to donate, plus lots of laundry and the kitchen! Not bad! Once I peeked in it was all over, but that was more than I had accomplished in awhile, so I felt I deserved a bit of reward for my trouble... ;)


  1. Wow great room love the blue, mine is bright orange and a total mess right now. Maybe I'll have to clean it after seeing these pics!!

  2. What a GREAT room!!!! I wish I had a nice neat space like that! Mine is a wreck.

  3. I'm trying to find a magnifying glass large enough to peep at the things on your desk to see if I can find clues to your next stamp set -- smiles.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.........AWEsome!!!! I'm definitely taking some of your ideas for my very own craft room in my new house that I get in 4 days!!!!!! I know it'll take a little while.......but I can't wait to get it all set up so that everything is just so easy to find!!! Way to go on your organizing and decluttering!!! I'm just trying to finish out packing so I don't leave anything "important" behind..........meaning my craft stuff OF COURSE!!!!! LOL

  5. Your room is marvelous!!! I love the rod for the punches; I have several of the Marvy Clever Lever punches; not sure they would work on that??? I have never visited IKEA but I see a lot people get great organizational things from them - guess I better check it out.

    Let me know how your 'deal' with Jennifer turns out; I'm interested in hiring her!!! LOL

  6. So what I wanna know is when are you hauling your butt up here to clean up my room??LOL
    Seriously though, your space looks awesome and her ideas for cleaning are how I keep my house up too(except the whole that is my Dh's thing, all mine does is mess and work). The only thing different with me is that I make my bed as soon as I get out of it everyday, I try to do one full load of laundry a day, and I clean in 15min spurts. I set a timer, clean for 15, then play for 45, then repeat. It is way less overwhelming and it keeps me focused!!

  7. Your room looks awesome! I wish my table was that neat... great technique... maybe I should give it a try... TFS!

  8. Wonderful room and thanks so much for sharing the cleaning tips. I love how organized she made such a not fun topic. I also love the timer suggestion. I always seem to leave clothes in the washer/dryer.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.

  9. Whatever you're taking to get a stamp room that organized - I want some! LOL Mine gets cleaned and organized often, but once I begin stamping something, it quickly returns to a chaotic state once again. That's a beautiful shade of blue on the walls that would have a real calming effect on me. Your hip hops look right at home where they are :) TFS, and a job well-done!

  10. I love the blue in your room! You are so organized!

  11. HA! Just now, between comments, I got up and swept and spot cleaned my tile! None of this full mopping for me though. *Honestly with my two tots running around mopping tile can be dangerous*

    So there you have it! You inspired me to do housework.

  12. I wish I was that motivated to be organized. LOL My idea of working in the morning is to get through all my e-mails. Ha! My idea of cleaning the house is to pay my 17 year old to do it. (And she does do it!) Boy, I will be in for a rude awakening when she goes off to college in a year! I am a bit spoiled right now, especially since I am taking time off from subbing at the school for awhile. I just need some bon-bons. Yeah, right!!!!

  13. What are your stamps clinging/stuck to on your desktop there?

  14. I LOVE that blue! I won't even go into how much I hate where I'm currently working on my crafty stuff. Nope...I'm going to bite. my. tongue. hehe!

    Am glad you had a chance to tackle the stuff on Friday. It does make a big difference...like you've accomplished something even if it only took you a half hour to do or 6 hours.

    Of course I'll come live with you. You have all the cool crafty stuff. teehee! I'll be there tomorrow. :D

  15. Oh I love your stamp room and this blue is too beautiful (have I mentioned it's my favorite color!? ;-))... Those little rods with all the punches are too cool!... And I think I should adopt Jenn's cleaning/organizing system, that sounds fab! :-)

  16. Your room looks amazing - how fun to create in a nice clean room - hope you enjoy it!

  17. Your room looks great, Melanie!!


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