Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Stamps Arriving now!

I'm working on some new tutorials for you today, look for how to "mix the perfect drink" and a special Kindred Dad father's day card idea on Memorial Day. These are really fun!

Here's a quick tip for today, though, now that your new Gina K shipment will be dropping in any time (maybe with a golden ticket?! be sure to let everyone know if you are a lucky winner, so exciting! We have to keep track of how many are still waiting for someone to place that lucky order ;)

When your stamps arrive, before cutting, ink up the whole sheet of rubber with a waterproof ink and press the rubber down on to the shiny side of the paper backing you peeled off which is what you'll be storing your stamps on. Don't worry about getting a perfect image, it's just a reference to tell you "what stamp where".
This is SO helpful in keeping your stamps organized, making sure they all fit on the sheet easily and preventing you from losing your stamps. For a messy/lazy person like myself I find now I am much more likely to pop it right back where it goes when I am done with that image if I see the place it "belongs", whereas before with a blank sheet I would just throw it on my desk, moving on to the next stamp and then have to put 15 some odd images back on when I was ready to put everything away!(which would sometimes be a a week later!) I forgot to take a pic, but remember that unless the image is completely symmetrical all the images will be backwards when you stick them on,so with some of them you will have to turn them upside down, like the ostrich, to make them fit, that's okay it's still on the same spot just doesn't line up)
This month was the first time I realized it is also easy to do this in the Gina K's sets ! Ink up your sheet and carefully press it into the bottom of the tin, it's kind of a tight squeeze, but you can do it! Doesn't that look cool? These are the Kindred Greetings for Him, I'll be using these in Monday's project. If you've already cut them out (with either type of packaging) that's okay, just ink them up individually and arrange them in an order that seems logical to you, or refer to the picture of all the whole image sheet included inside the bag or on the back of your tin. I'm going back when I have a little time and doing this with all my tins(I think I have about 10 now!) it will be well worth it.


  1. I think that's such a cool idea!! But I've already cut out all my stamps without ever actually doing anything to organize them.......yeah.......I get too excited and just wanna start playing!!! LOL So with this new set.......I'll try to restrain myself long enough to do this first!! They should be here todaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks for all the excited to get them!

  3. Great idea! I'm always looking for new ways for storage. In fact, I think I like the IDEA of storage more than I like to pick up after my darn self!! Thanks for sharin'!

  4. What a super cool idea, thanks for sharing it with us!!


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