Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's in My Basket??

But not that "basket"! LOL! Here is the gift basket I made for a door prize for the Texas stampers gathering I'm going to this weekend. I hope it's not the last lonely gift on the table, I saw some of the stuff from last year, oh my word!!* The big draw (hopefully!) in this basket is a gift certificate for my May release stamp set(which I am SO freaking excited about!!), but I also put in some gum, chocolate cherry M&M's, a decorated tin and matching handmade earrings, a handmade card, a board book to alter, a bottle of Cotton Candy Stickles, and two rolls of pink ribbon. I didn't intend for this to be a big "pink themed" gift, but once I got started , I just couldn't stop!!

Honestly I first was just going to bring the gift certificate! But now when I'm gift-giving , I always try to ask myself "WWDD?"* and that helps me step it up several notches :)

OH, speaking of prizes, my first Blog Candy winner never came back to claim the prize by the 5 PM deadline today, so....... here is the new winner of the Papertrey Anniversary Set ..(good thing I don't have to worry about any of you running out to buy it when you heard didn't win, right? 'cause you can't! ;):

#13 (chosen by random.paul):
Courtney Fowler said...
I have been drooling over your sets! My husband won't let me buy any and I think it's because he is going to! My birthday is coming up so...... He better, darn it! If not, I'm going to anyway!!!I do not have that Papertrey ink set... I love, love, love it though and WISH I had it! When I saw it I just about cried that I couldn't buy it! :)

Courtney?? Are you out there? and excited?! Please send me your snail addy, and if I hear from you in time I will try to get the set to the post office before I drive to Arlington tomorrow! :)

*What Would Donna Do? (although I know in the end I still didn't do as much as Donna would have!!)


  1. Oh, yay for Courtney! I'll make sure she sees this! :o)

  2. Wow! Id LOVE to have that basket! LOL! Wish this area of Texas had something neato like that to go to!

  3. you are TOO funny, Mel! I am in AWE at that door prize & seriously?!?! I would NOT doubt it was in the TOP 3 for FIRST picked!! (if not...then they may not be privvy to you, Gina K or just not crazy about your sets so far but I would say what they H_l_!?!? what rock have you been under?! I so am going to miss being there but know in the end I made the best decision possible for me. Give everyone who asks about me a big hug from me!

  4. what a beautiful basket full of goodies! Who wouldn't want to take that home? Pink works for me!!

  5. Woohoo Courtney!!! You lucky girl!
    What a wonderful basket you made up!!!

  6. Congrats Courtney!! And Melanie...............OH MY GOSH...........your gift basket is simply amazing!!! Gorgeous and generous and totally will not be last on the're gonna have a hard time even KEEPING it on the table at all!!! LOL Oh and have FUN!!!!

  7. It is a fabulous basket! I may have to sneak in and steal it since I think you guys are going to be so close to me! Have a fun, fun, fun weekend!

  8. Oh! I can't believe I won! Wahoo!!

    I emailed you my snail addy.

    Thank you! I am sooooooo excited!!!

  9. That basket is just SO cute! I didn't realize you're going to that swap too! I'm so envious! Have a great time, I can't wait to hear all about it!

    I can't WAIT to see what you've got cooked up for May!

  10. courtney i thinc u just won yor slf a b-da prezint ya for u
    mel i wud luv to win that bascet so dont wure i am sure donna wil b prowd of u have a gr8 wec ind

  11. grat basket love the packaging too.

    congrats courtney

  12. OMgosh...who wouldn't grab up that fantastic prize! Wow...wish I were going! *wink*

  13. Your door prize was super fabulous!!! Loved it!! I got half way to SA and thought to myself, I should have took those M&M's!!


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