Friday, May 23, 2008

Jumping for Joy Tip Sheet

Here's some tips for you now that the Jumping for Joy sets are arriving. As always, feel free to copy and paste these tips to print out and keep with your set. You've seen many of these tips used on my sampels already, the rest will be shown in upcoming in blog posts :)

All 4 animals are jumping (when you want them to be!) Try them with your greetings from Just So Hoppy!

The new ostrich is hippy. Tattoo away!

Dress your animals up with the crown and hat from Hip Hop Accessories. The ostrich is really cute running with the kite from that same set.

The bear can be seated ("give yourself a hug!") and they can all perch/pose on the stand. The bear and seal(head or feet first!) look terrific diving into the water (little wave stamped again and again).

The three little lines are a "whoosh". Place it above or below to make the animal look like it's jumping up or diving down. You can also use this stamps with others in your collection any time you need to add some "motion" (something thrown, etc)

The pedestal stand can also double as a cake (when you add the sparklers),a little tub of water if you add the waves, or a drum. Ink up just the top rim (or cut off the bottom) and you have "hoops" for your animals to twirl, juggle jump through, etc.

These animals, when colored as "nature intended", lend themselves to neutral color schemes ( enhance and embellish these with the Gina K Zoo brads and any animal print DP) but the addition of the stand and beach ball give you lots of opportunities to add as much color as you want to your creations! Try choosing colors from your DP or ribbon you'll be using to color in the pedestal's different sections for a perfectly coordinated card.

The pedestal looks great paper-pieced.

Any of the animals can be blowing the little horn.

The beach ball is a great as a spinner, have your animals flip it back and forth "hacky sack" style...

The stars and confetti make great backgrounds! Also looks terrific to have the ostrich tossing out "wingfuls"of it! Don't forget the glitter!

The sparkler can also be a wand, again glitter is a must! can also double as "fuzzball" flowers/dandelions....

Try adding Fun Flock to give your animals a nice fuzzy texture.

Try gluing on tiny feathers onto the ostrick wings and tail.

The bold stripes on the zebra allow for fast stamping no need to color to get a nice graphic look!
-Change it up by stamping in brown or charcoal or stamping in black and then coloring in the white areas with a pastel or other fun color.
-Try stamping it in a color and then go over the eye and lashes with black or brown to make them stand out.
-Bling out your stripes by tracing them with a clear colored Stickles or Spica.
-Ink up just the outline omitting the strips to make a horse, or stamp on colored CS, cut out and flip for a solid, horse, don't forget to add in the mouth and eyes!

Distressed Stripes CB folder looks fabulous in green or neutrals to make a grassy plain or jungle, and with the "negative effect" or DTP with your ink pads, this folder is a perfect complement for the zebra's pattern.

Add Stickles, brads or other embellishments to the star centers to dress up the pedestal.

The font matches all Melanie's animal sets, mix and match to extend your greetings even more.

The long greetings are all meant to be used after both "time to" and "hope you". "Time to" "announces" it, and "hope you" can be great for the inside of the card!

The party greetings and "date", "time", "place" etc can be used to make invites with any of your other your other stamps.

The polar bear in this tucked position makes a fabulous spinner card (into the water or rolling down a hill.)

The bear can be colored black brown etc to look like any kind of bear!

The seal can be made to hop back and forth on his pedestal when doing the Charmaine "tilt card". Have any animal try balancing on the ball and then make it tilt back and forth.

"Time to make a big splash" - perfect for pool parties! Cannonballing polar bear or swan diving seal!

The images and sayings make a terrific set for scrapping kids pages, parties, trips to the zoo or circus.

"Date", "time", "place" etc stamps are great for journaling in your scrapbooks or sending out announcements.

The set is not just for invites, but anything that deserves celebrating, think congrats for graduation, achievements, promotion, job/life change(congrats on taking the plunge!/hope you make a big splash!") retirement, girls night out "shake your tail feathers!", reward charts for kids("time to toot your horn!"), great stamps for teachers etc

Put the individual date, time, etc inside the balloon image and fill in the info, either in a balloon bouquet or in a vertical line on the left on your paper and write out the info to the right like you see on most invitations. They also looks terrific stamped in one section of the ball, and the info filled in on another section!

Stamp the date time place etc on each of the little signs like flags or having them hanging like the signage on my giraffe card.

Many of the greetings are designed to work with the animals from Melanie's 1st three animal sets! Example: "shake your tail feathers" with the chick, "kick up your heels" with any of the Hoppys, make a big splash with the Hoppy frogs, etc...


  1. Thanks for all the wonderful tips, I should be getting mine today. Golden ticket, golden ticket, golden ticket! Fingers toes and everything else are crossed!!

  2. your ideas are always amazing and such a wealth of information! TFS

  3. Ohhh........I just knew you'd have another FABooooo tip sheet!!!! Can't wait to play!!!! :)


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