Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Suffer from PRTS

"PreRelease Traumatic Syndrome", characterized by an inability to stamp with anything current while stalking the mailman for the next big thing!! And in this case, I'm talking about all the new stamps and Bling & Dazzle that will be arriving momentarily for the Gina K Designs release next Tuesday! I've got get rockin' on sneak peeks for you, they start this weekend, squeal!! (My tip sheet for my new set is already finished and I can't wait to actually make examples for each tip! Now I just need the stamps!! Hurry, mailman!!!)

Be sure you come to the release party on the 20th in the Gina K forum from 7-10 PM CST for prizes, free stamps, and a reveal of my contest winner! (Reminder, all contest entries are due on the 17th, voting starts on the 18th when I post the candidates(thank you everyone who submitted stuff yesterday! I'm still waiting on some more!!)

Oh my! Lucky me, Michelle is PRTS-free and has a fabulous sample and tutorial already to go, Check this out!!!

I DO have an idea for Hip Hop with the kite I'm going to try to finish today(3 ways I can see executing it, just have to pick which will work best), as well as two cards with the current free set (only 5 more days to get Comfort and Peace free before it's available for purchase), but we'll see if I can get them done!! (can you believe, I have FOUR tin posts in the works, completely written up, two that I need one embellishment for to complete, one that requires a bit of computer work, and one that I just haven't found time to start on the tin. I am so behind!!! But trust me, you'll love them!)


  1. Ooooo...........sounds like a "tin" of fun waiting for us!!! LOL Sorry......I'm functioning on very little sleep and dumb jokes just abound!! LOL Well, I'm going on strike from packing and making some stamping time today!!! Just for YOU Mel!!!!

  2. You're getting me all excited for this next release! Hurry up next week, get here already!


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