Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Have a Bone to Pick with You*

Okay, you realize Gina K and I talk, right? And I know for a fact that hundreds of Hip Hop sets have been purchased and received(and not just by my family!) Don't the people who buy them read my blog?? and understand what's at stake?? Where are all the entries for the contest??? I expected this to be the biggest contest YET, look at the other previous stamps you have to work with it to rock something truly amazing out!!

If you own the Hip Hop set, I want an email with a pic of your entry by the end of the day** or at least a good reason in the comment section why you haven't sent me anything yet and when I can expect to get it, ya hear?!! We can't have a big, cool vote-athon if more people don't enter! Don't make me stop having contests!(scowling, shaking finger)***

Ahem. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, have a great day!! HUGS!

*unless you sent me something already, not you; and if you don't own the set, not you either

**or, ya know, whenever... by the 17th is good,

***I love you still, I just want you to get a free stamp set, is that so wrong?! :)


  1. Melanie,
    you are too funny. I just got my set for Mother's Day and have inked up a few images for baby announcements. One of these days I'm gonna drag my self up to Austin to meet you (ha ha) you crack me up!!!


  2. Well I would send you something, but I don't have that set hoo. Maybe when I have the $ I'll get that one too.
    Good Luck to all those that do enter.
    Have a great day.

  3. I just sent you mine Melanie.
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  4. I have all three sets, but I guess I'm a bit intimidated by all the wonderful projects that have already been created by you, Donna, Linsey, Lee.................... maybe I will give it a try, since you're so upset and all, but I can't promise anything!

  5. I'll be sending another one by the end of the week - um...guess that would be about the 17th eh? Don't get your panties in a wad just yet. LOL

  6. I am going to enter! Promise! So here's my excuses:
    1. Time
    2. Too many FABULOUS ideas I can't decide on which one
    3. Don't have all the materials I need to complete my FABULOUS ideas
    4. Time
    LOL! Don't worry, you'll have tons of entries, I'm sure.
    BTW, I'm extremely Jealous of your stamp room! If I had a stamp room like that, my entry in your Hip Hop Contest would already be complete! (maybe) LOL!

  7. Melanie: You are ADOREABLE! I thought I could get peoples attention....You got the POWER GIRLFRIEND ---- I only wish I had this set so I could send you something. Sorry I can't submit something-but know that I'm reading and listening. YOU COMPLETELY CRACK ME UP GIRLFRIEND! Kadie

  8. Blame George Bush, he still hasn't stimulated my economy!!hehe

  9. I really really want to enter!! But I don't have the accessories YET!! After I get a few extra $$ look out!!

  10. No really I swear, it's not that I don't want to play with your set!! (Did I tell you how much I love this little tuft of grass? I put it everywhere now!! It's my favorite stamp, LOL!)...
    It's just that life is busy lately and I haven't gotten the time to really try and think of something fun and unexpected to do with your set, just basic cards!... :-S
    Hell, I haven't even been able to make more tins! Argh!... :-(

  11. I, sadly, don't own the Hip Hop set yet! It is on the top of my wish list! I did, however, post a Hoppy card today....I hope that you forgive me ;-)!

  12. OMGosh you're too funny!

    Personally, I don't want anyone else to enter.... so I have a better chance at the free stamp set! *insert evil laugh here*

  13. Awright already. I'll send one to you. I didn't because it isn't contest worthy, but if it'll make you feel better.....

  14. Is moving in 3 days a good excuse????????? Although......I did make at least one card, but dang! I forgot to send it to you.......okay, I'll go send that one and maybe I'll go sneak into the LR tonite and stamp another card instead of packing.........I'm sick of packing!!! LOL just 3 days I get my VERY OWN CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooo glad you still love me!!!! :)

  15. I'm glad I already sent mine, I would feel scolded if not! j/k you really ARE a HOOT!

  16. You are so funny! Sorry I can't play along, don't own your sets, YET...! Soon? Hope so. :-)

  17. I don't have the Hip-Hop set yet. I would buy it once I have some $$. I am always afraid to enter because there are so many talents out there.


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