Saturday, May 31, 2008

"I Feel Pret-ty! oh, so PRET-TY...!!"*

How 'bout these ruby slippers (and matching necklace**)?! I've always felt a little sorry for female birds, they don't have the splashy colors and plumage the males do, so I dressed this girl up for a wild night out! (Just make a bunch of dots with your red marker for the necklace and dot with Stickles)The inside says "time to kick up your heels!"

Th DP is DCVW All Dressed Up, CS is Whisper White and Basic Gray. Mega Rhinestone Brads to match the necklace. I made this card for Donna's birthday(shhh, don't tell her!)would you like to send her a birthday card, too?? (Do you know Donna keeps up with more than 280 blogs through Google Reader??!!and leaves comments on every one! I hope hse gots lots of cards like she was able to round up for me on my big day. :) Email me for an addy!(I'll be gone the next couple days, though, but will send when I get back, promise!)

So my follow up poll question is a little involved, short version to the right where you vote, but here's the long version :
What is more helpful/inspiring to see on the blog: projects/ideas for your favorite image in a set(which is probably easy for you to work with anyway since you like it so much),
or projects with the image you aren't quite feeling yet since you have no clue what to do with and need some great ideas??

Just wondering, half the people who voted love the zebra best, does that mean I have to make twice as many zebra cards?? (I mean, I'm still gonna make what I want, but good for me to keep in mind ;)

BTW, help me NAME THIS BIRD! I noticed the other day that Faith(who's giving away some blog candy!) had named my ostrich Oscar! I like it! But now we also need some fabulous name for its tail feather-shaking female counterpart, any suggestions? The first thing that comes to my mind is Fanny... (or Dolores, I don't know why!) I'm going blank on "O" names...........Olivia? Odette? what do YOU think??

*or, "I could have daaaaaanced all niiiiight, I could have daaaaanced all niiiiiight..."
or, "I wanna PUT on, mymymymymy boogie shoooooes, and BE with you..."


  1. Your work shows your since of you work

  2. This is really cute, love the jewels and slippers!! I'm sure Donna is going to see this!! LOL! When is the big day?? I love Donna, she's so sweet!!

  3. At first I thought of Green Acres and Oliver or as ZaZa, then Eva Gabor said, Oliva. But Oliva's wife's name is Lisa, not quite fitting with the character of the stamp.

    I have always been a fan of ZaZa Gabor, being part Hungarian, so I vote for ZaZa.

    Oliva and ZaZa

    As for the question about what I want to see for cards.
    I look at the coloring and shading of an image. The details that tie the colors and embellishments together.
    The way colors influence the intended mood of the card.

    It helps me see what error I made when a handmade card doesn't look right. An example was a card that had a pastel backgroung and I colored the flowers with primary colors. Big mistake and it looked not quite right. LOL

    That stuff doesn't come naturally to me. I have to learn it. In theory I understand shading but to reflect the direction of the sun on an object and where to put shadows is difficult. That is what I appreciate learning when I visit blogs.

    Plus, I enjoy seeing the variety of ideas from so many talented artist.

  4. Odette sounds like a perfect name for your ostrich gal pal. Odette ballerina is what comes to mind and don't you think the tail feathers are reminiscent of a tutu?

    I like seeing both types of images in samples (the quick-to-love-and-use images as well as the I'm-going-to-need-some-convincing images). Seeing samples with beloved images is like visiting an old friend who's been dressed up. Seeing samples with images I'm clueless how to use gives me that doh-so-THAT'S-how-you-can-use-it feeling and makes me want to use that image even more.

  5. I'd say keep up the great variety! Don't try to figure out what we love - because we love what YOU love - that's why we're here ;) I like Delores too.

  6. Oh my goodness, I completely ADORE this card! Super job!

  7. I love her! Okay here are my two suggestions

    Opal - cute and she is a gem
    Ophelia - dramatic

    I adore your blog. You creativity is infectous!

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.

  8. How about naming her Chi Chi. For some reason that fits her in my mind.

    I loved the way you dressed her up. My vote would be for tutorials.

  9. This has got to be one of your most clever cards yet! I adore those red heels! LOL She reminds me of Dorothy in the classic movie clciking her heels to go home to Kansas:) With the matching red "dotted" necklace she could almost be named "O-Dottie" LOL
    BTW, I love your blog exactly the way it is. It's informative, humorous and there's nothing I'd want to change at all. You rock!

  10. Melanie your awesome. Just had to say it. :) I am really liking the name Olivia for some reason, however this cutie looks like an Ophelia to me. What do you think? ~Julie

  11. She's wonderful! Definitely made me giggle. I love seeing things done with stamps that I don't really 'like or love' ... until I see an amazing way to use it.

    I live near Grant's Farm in St. Louis, MO. They have 2 of these gorgeous birds. The boys is Oscar and the girl is Olivia. So, to me, Olivia! lol

  12. the first thing this brought to mind was the old "Eagles" tune FatBottom Girls I do admit I really giggled. thanks for sharing

  13. I love the bling on this sweetie. How about Oprah? pretty, yet intelligent and generous? You're so creative.

  14. Love this adorable, card! It is fantastic! those red dancing shoes are perfect!

  15. Oh how fun! I love this set...on my wishlist! :D

    How about...Georgina? I dunno why but she looks like a Georgina. LOL!!

  16. Ohhh.........FABulous dahhhhhling!!!! She reminds me of Zsa Zsa Gabor!!! LOL I just ADORE her ruby slippers!!!

  17. She looks like a tillie to me .

  18. nice try - Deb was right, I saw it already (since I read your blog first)-but I don't comment on ALL of them. Believe it or not I'm only reading 229 right now! I comment on the ones who comment on mine because the goes around, comes around.

    I will act surprised when I get it IRL. k? It is SO stinkin' cute!
    as for a name, I like Olivia and Zsa Zsa

  19. Cute, cute card! For names, Zsa Zsa would be great or Odette--she seems French to me! lol
    As for projects, using each of the animals would help us get even more use from our set. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  20. First of all your title makes me laugh becuase I sing that to my girl regularly! (I change it to "You are pretty! oh so pretty...!")

    Your ostrich idea is absolutly fabulous, as always! I think your blog is perfect as is. You always make amazing things that I would certainly never think of, and you usually make me laugh.

    I like Odette. Like the girl on Swan Princess. Its a good, pretty bird-girl name!

  21. ooh....Olivia...

    You are just so great! Anything you do will be fine with me. I come for inspiration and you never fail me!

  22. I LOOOOVVVEEE your cute ostrich card!

    I first thought her name could be Ophelia too, and then I suddenly thought of Olga. I don't know why!

    Your blog is wonderful and I love seeing the new ideas you come up with all the time. You're an inspiration.

  23. I love this creation. The first thing that came to mind for me was Mrs. Howell of Gilligan's Island fame! I would name this little sweetie Lovie or Lovey - that's what dear old Mr. Howell called her!



  24. Thanks for the heads up about Donna's birthday!! I will have to get a card out to her!! The first name to pop into my head was Mollie, but I love Olivia(although I think Faith has named an owl that along the way).

  25. Love your ostrich, she's so feminine! Why start her name with an O? Give her a name that's really unique, one-of-a kind.How about Splenda? She's splendid!!!

  26. I was looking up names on the net and found a possible name for Ms. Ostrich. It's Oleta. The reason it could be appropriate is because the name means "winged".
    I love your stamps and have most of them. The giraffe is the cutest little guy I've ever seen.

  27. I think that you should name your Ostrich OdaMae. I do love your animals though. Oh so cute!!! Lori


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