Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rock It!

That was SOME party last night!! Oh my goodness, I'll be back to share more details about that later! Was everybody able to tell from that freakishly long last post (just wanted to give everybody props!) that both Bee and Donna won the contest?!* hip hip hurray for Bee and Donna! (I still don't think Bee knows she won, she arrived fashionably late to the party after the announcement was made and I don't think she could find it amid the 200o replies to the thread!)Leave them some love here or run over the their blogs and say congrats when you get a chance!

Speaking of love, I'm kicking up my heels at all the love "Jumping for Joy" got last night! And look, take my poll! ----------->

Here's the card for today :)

This interactive "wobble" card was so easy to make! I might need to look into how to add a video to my blog, if I knew how for this one I'd be wiggling it and humming circus music, can you hear it?(doo-doo-doodle-oo-doo, doo do, doo DOO! doo doo doodle-oo-doo..)

Mask your zebra and stamp the ball so it looks like he is tip-toe atop it! Cut, and on the back of the ball apply a dimensional, a penny, and another dimensional. Punch a half inch circle near the bottom of your mat(I just slid my SU 1/2" circle up til it stopped and then punched) put your last dimensional through the hole, peel off the backing and add a penny on the other side. You're ready to rock!! (I have another greeting in this set which goes with this image: "kick up your heels!" Think what a fun ladies night card that could be with different colors!!) Mount your mat on dimensionals as well to give the penny room to move.

I held off on any Cuttlebugging and patterned DP on this card and just let the bold impact of the stripes and bright colors be the focus. Ball was colored with Copics, the zebra, no coloring needed, just stamp and go, I LOVE these bold stripes!!

Could you die for these brads??? If you have any of my other sets(or have them on your wishlist) you'll find the package in addition to this zebra print also contains patterned brads that would be a GREAT match for my frog, my giraffe, as well as maybe a few CLUES as to what's to come!! ;) The patterns and jumbo size adds so much "rowwwrr!" to your project, can you tell I'm wild about them LOL!

The Cs is SU! Cool Carribbean and DCVW Textured Earth Elements. I used the classic and scalloped Nestaibilites for the focal point and the SU! ticket punch at the corners.

SO! Now you've seen them all, which Jumper is your favorite? (if you missed cards with the new bear, they are coming!! :) My husband's fave is the bear, I already mentioned Jonathan's is the seal, William's is the zebra, and I really can't choose, this is my favorite release to date, but the ostrich has a very special place in my heart :)

*Laurie's Coaster book and Courtney's Pull card were right behind, with everyone else close behind that! EVERYONE was somebody's favorite, I hope you're as proud of your marvelous work as I am, thanks again for creating such inspiring projects!


  1. congrats to both the winners. It was fun to play and see all the beautiful creations. My favorite image in your new stamp set is the bear too, and I can't wait to see a card made with that adorable guy.
    To answer your question - no I'm not a teacher! LOL I started the card with the baby joeys holding hands, and once that was stamped it reminded me of school children playing games. That's how the card evolved - it just seemed to take shape all on its own! Thanks for the kind words and the wonderful stamps you create!

  2. Oh my! Congratulations Bee and Donna! I love this card, Melanie!

  3. aacck! I love this interactive card! look forward to getting my brads. I voted for the seal but wonder if it's really the polar bear that I love (they really are cuddly creatures & I love the fact you drew him with his ears going back) cool poll for it!
    it was fun last night - thanks for everything! look forward to playing with my new set (just hate that I have to wait so long, timing you know)

  4. Waow, I couldn't believe it when Donna said I had won too!!
    Thanks so much for everyone who voted for me because it sure made my day to see that someone loved my work! :-D
    There were so many cool and awesome projects in that contest that I thought I didn't stand a chance and I had anticipated Donna to win (again, LOL!) for sure.

    Frankly it was an honor to be next to all those great creations, and I will try and visit the blogs of those talented ladies soon!!! :-)

    Thanks Melanie, and thanks Gina!

    As for my favorite animal...I am in love with the zebra, but the bear is a close 2nd!!! I can see cards coming with the bear and a sentiment like "need a hug?" :-D
    But Melanie, you know very well what animals I am hoping you will release in the future, my favorite Panda and Koala bears!!!

    OK, enough with the extra long post, I'm sorry I am just giddy!!! :-D

  5. It was fun hanging out last night! Love all the fun things people came up with for your set! Just got a whole bunch of creative juices flowing!!

  6. I'm shocked I even got one vote compared to all of the awesome creations. I am determined to broaden my horizons and really try to open up my creativity for next time.

    I LOVE that seal!! I love all of the animals but it's something about that seal. Too cute!!

  7. Cute card!!! I always love looking at your blog. Your creations are amazing.
    I just have to tell you I soooo love all your animal sets!!! I just placed my first Gina K order and got the Hippy, Hoppy, Jumping for Joy and Accessories. They are just to darn cute to pass up!!!!

    Anxiously awaiting to see you next one!!!

  8. COOL card I love it going to have to look into makeing one myself

  9. Love this card, Melanie!

    I love all the animals! I am cooking up a cool project with the four new ones! Wait til you see it!

    It was a great release party. Congrats to the winners too!

  10. Wayyyyyyyyyyyy to go Donna and Bee!!!!!

    I love that wobbly zebra!!! Circus music is now playing in my head!! LOL

    Oh the party was funnnnnnnn as usual!! And TWO of your Jumping for Joy are winging their way to me right now!!! I have a **very** fun blog candy give away planned for soooooon with one of them!!!!! :)

    The zebra is my fave.......but not by much!!! All of those lil guys are soooo sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

  11. You rock, that set is adorable!! Loved all the previews!! I can't vote love them all!

    Congrats to Donna and Bee!!

  12. awesome projects---I loved all the entries!
    What fun it is to see such creative people work with YOUR images. woohooo!!! Congrats on another spectacular set, Mel! hugs!

  13. I just love your new set Melanie, it is soooo adorable!! I have a question if you have a chance, figured you would probably know the answer - if I wanted to draw an image & color it in with copics, what would be a good black ink to use on the drawing, so it doesn't smear? thanks!!!!

  14. I don't know if it took my comment or not, but I forgot to tell you that that seal is too cute!! Definitely my fav, and my order is already placed so I can't wait to play with it!!

  15. I'd have to say that my favorite is the Ostrich. I have so many plans for her already! I've actually been planning a card around her already, I think it will be started today and then I'll just have to wait until she arrives to put her on it! And I ordered the zoo brads so I'll be examining them closely to see if I can discover the hint of what's to come! Yes, Donna and Bee both did a fantastic job on their contest entries and they deserved to win. I really liked all of the entries and I think I'll have to CASE a couple of them!

  16. Oh how adorable! LOVE that zebra! Congrats to Bee and Donna! Awesome creations! Way to go girls!

  17. Congrats to Donna and Bee!! I love your interactive zebra, and the fun colors!! Awesome as usual!!


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