Thursday, May 8, 2008


Want to win my May release?? Email me ( your best work using "Hip Hop Accessories". As always, you can use any of my other sets in the project. You may use other stamps as well to decorate your project, but you must the use the stamps from the Hip Hop set in some way. It does not have to be a card. GET YOUR CREATIVE ON!! I need pics (jpegs or similar please, not links, so I can share them easily on my blog) of your projects by Saturday May 17th 9 PM CST. IF YOU OWN HIP HOP,* you better give it a go! ya hear me?!

I'm going to ask for your help in voting as I did last month. I will post the entries you will be voting on here on Sunday May 18th. Leave the name of the person's project you think should win in that post. Voting will end at 5:00 PM CST on Tuesday, May 20th.** Later that night during the release party in the Gina K Forum I will reveal the winner based on your votes. The person who created it will win my latest stamp set.

Why should you vote?? Well, I will choose one person's comment from the voting post at random: this person will also receive a prize! See? You don't have to have to enter a project to win something! (but your chances of winning are MUCH better if you DO ENTER, I have a LOT more people vying for a free set in blog candys than I do submitting contest entries, and the prize for the person who creates the winning project is bigger, so please ENTER! (and then come back and vote!) :)

*because you are really going to want the May set!!!

**This month I am giving you more time to vote, some people did not get their updates from Feedblitz in time to vote or didn't know it was CST, so please remember to check in if you want to play. I will post a reminder to get contest entries in the day before the deadline here and in the Gina K forum and a reminder when voting opens and closes. I also have a link in my sidebar if you need to check the details of the contest at any time.


  1. Ohhh..........another fun Mel contest!!! Yipppppeeeee!!!! Allrighty........I'm soooooooooo in!! Who needs to pack anyway?? We're only moving in 9 days and I refuse to pack my stamping stuff!! Creative juices........get flowin'!!!! LOL

  2. How fun!! I am really into challenges right now so this is perfect! Now what to stamp... :)

  3. How many times can we enter? I think I sent you 2 cards already... Oops...

  4. Hi Mel-
    Here are two of my cards. It also has the one I sent you last night. Does that give me two entries? Please...
    my two cards

  5. How the heck did I miss this!!! I look at your site everyday, but I missed this! Hmmm what to make?

  6. oh, I do hope you got lots of entries--your hip hop set is so very versatile and popular, people should be flooding you with projects! I am so looking forward to seeing the semi-finalists!

  7. Loved Carol's teacher card. Our Roo's will be impressed. Lyn


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