Thursday, May 1, 2008

Survival of the "Fittest"

Here's a new wrap for the tin sets, this time a sliding wrap, or pull treat, you've seen these before. After making the sleeve by wrapping the CS around your candy and adhering the back with tacky tape, punch a slit(SU!'s slot punch) in both layers on one end, thread the ribbon througg both holes, and pushed the candy down into the sleeve, and tie up the ends. What do you think could be inside this one, any guesses??

Happy Discovery! the SU! key tag punch makes a great little accent tag for the "What's In Your Tin?" sets! Stamp your greeting, turn your key tag punch upside down so you can see the greeting centered underneath, and punch. Then snip both rounded ends straight up, which still leaves your rounded "Altoid" corners! (Cool, huh??) I adhered it to a piece of Real Red CS, leaving a 1/16" border and then just followed the curved corners with my scissors, it was very easy to do.

I gotta admit: lately I've been indulging in a little more "medicinal" chocolate/sweets/insert any candy brand here than I should. More and more I find myself running to my "stash" and shoving a chocolate in my mouth as a response to my kids latest fight/disaster/insert your worst nightmare here! Without any kind of mother's morning out/pre K for William my 3 year old, I'm afraid it's about all I can do to stop the steam from coming out my ears! Unfortunately, my hips are paying for this, so I've decided it's important to decrease the size of my stash(because I'm not going cold turkey!) How about a little portion control by limiting yourself to what fits in a tin?? (or wrap?!) ;)

I also started playing around with the different sayings in the "What's In Your Tin?" sets to come up with some fun new combinations to add to the tip sheet, and here's the one seems to have become my new mantra:
"candy is SURVIVAL in case of emergency, open me!"

but here are some others:

"candy on the go! "
"candy for the modern girl on the go!"
"survival candy"
"emergency candy"
"in case of emergency, candy is dandy!"

Man, now I want some candy! How 'bout you?? * In the name of market research, I am willing to seek out other candies you know and love that are a good size andshape for these tin wraps! ;) (I'm thinking Reese's...)

Only the strong shall survive...

*sorry if I just made you break your diet... but(t) tomorrow's a new day!!


  1. You sound just like me with candy lately, but my biggest thing is Little Debbie!!! Bad, bad "snack" aisle!

    Here's what you need- the Hersheys cacao reserve- they already come in a tin just like the altoid tins! Plus they make the day survivable!

  2. Ohhh.......very pretty WRAP!!! I love the sentiments.......candy IS a **necessity** after all!!! LOL

  3. ha ha! love the but(t) at the end! cute candy slider! when I want to splurge without the guilt I go for 3 musketeers, they have 30% less fat than the leading candy bar.

  4. mmmmmm..... YUMMY.... Candy... Now i"m going to go eat a Kit Kat.

    Love the new idea! A wrap will be fun as a birthday/thank you card for friends of my dd's!

  5. LOL! I love Ritter chocolates, you gotta try them with your "tin" sets cuz you can get some from the grocery store in a neat little square. Besides, Ritter chocolate is DELICIOUS! (try the marzipan covered dark chocolate) ;)

  6. you are sooo NOT helping me keep to my diet! I'm trying to look good for our Memorial Day camping trip and this little chocolatey delight is working against my better judgement to not eat sweets! Oh well, I'll start tomorrow, hehe! I do love your idea for keeping it to what fits in my tin, though--better than the full sizers! chocolate hugs~

  7. I love your tin covers! Great idea for the candy. Little things can make such a difference in someones day!

    Karen Hanim
    Scrapbooking in Turkey

  8. Dove Dark Chocolates, or Dark Chocolates with Almonds are my favs!! Plus they're good for you because they're FULL of antioxidants, right?!?!?! Anyway, I bet you'd be able to fit a good amount in there. AND they have cute little sayings on the inside of the wrapper when you open them - so even MORE feel good per bite!

  9. great idea. anytime chocolate is involved it has to be a great idea

  10. Great idea, once again!! I love it, Melanie!!

  11. You are hilarious!!! Love this and I love that you used the key tag punch too, gives me ideas!!


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