Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Final Week with Pam Smerker

Pne last fast and clever project for Pam with "Just So Sporty", she created a magnet clip to use on a team roster/coach's clipboard, I thught that was so thoughtful and fun! She lengthened her sleeve, adding all sorts of other details like the bottom stripes and cool logo to personalize it and foam taped it to a magnet clip. laminating these or backign them with soemthign strong like chipboard will keep them lasting a long time. :)

I'll wrap up Pam's final week with the same questions I had for Theresa, (there were few surprises to me since I am SO familiar with her work and style, but I especially liked her last answer!) :)

Favorite Technique: Masking
Favorite Colors/color combo: I love all colors and my color combos tend to change a lot. I guess my the majority of my color combos include brown.
Type of project to make that's not a card? I really enjoyed making Scrapbook pages and 3D items, anything to do with paper!
Gina K set by Melanie: That's too hard....ummm can I pick more than one? "Just So Sporty", "Just So Hoppy" and "A Year Of Flowers"
Gina K sets (from any illustrator) Again very hard to choose..."Whimsical Autumn", "A Warm and Cozy Christmas" and "Super Mom Naomi"
Craft supplies I can't live without: Markers!! I love to color!!! now if only I had some Copics to take me to the next level of coloring satisfaction.
I get my inspiration from: Lots of things inspire me...Clothing is big, the colors on restaurant walls, magazines. If I am in a real slump I just watch an episode or two of my favorite show "Ace Of Cakes" on the food network.
The most important things I've learned about stamping/cardmaking are: Don't take criticism personally! Everyone has their own style and not everyone is going to care for yours. As long as the craft makes you happy then that is all that matters.

And here is one of my fave projects from Pam's blog, not using my sets!, it's just fabulously clever and creative! (voting is closed on that, BTW!) (When you have time cruise around her blog more, she's got a really great sense of color and style) I wish her the very best with all the rest of cool design stuff she's currently got cooking and projects in the future, it's been a pleasure featuring her here!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Pam's work!! It's been wonderful to see her creations!! And look at that sport clip........GO AVS!!!!! LOL


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