Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is a simple reflection technique that you don't need a reversing stamp or brayer for!
Simply stamp the flower (here in Basic Gray) at the top half of your mat.
Now mask it with a trimmed bloom, and without reinking your stamp, turn it upside down, overlap it just a bit with flower above it and stamp.
Remove the mask to reveal the reflection! This one will be lighter since you didn't reink, perfect for a reflection. If you look carefully it is not an exact reflection of the same petals above, but it's symmetrical enough that no one will (should) notice. :) (It is missing a few lines in the lower image because I took my hand off the stamps to photograph it, these step by step pics are staged, did them after the first card)

Now, to color! I wanted the blooms to look very similar, but the top one to be more vivid. I used only three Copics on this card. I started with the "real" flower coloring one layer of Red Cadmium Copic, the reflection with one layer of Coral Copic. Next I went back with my Red Cadmium and really got into those areas that need shadows on the real flower, and then just did a few strokes on each petal on the reflection in the same areas. I blended these in on the reflection by going over them with the Coral Copic. Last I used my my Colorless blender on both images at just the tips to highlight. NOW: to add water! I was stuck here for a moment deciding how I wanted to approach it. I really wanted to keep the focus on the flowers instead of the colors of the water, and when you see a reflection like this, you're really not seeing water colors, but sky or sometimes even "black" depending on if you're surrounded by trees, KWIM? In the end, I chose to add a few small ripples with my gray pencil, kind of disconnected ovals to create the illusion, similar to looking at pure water in a vase. I just LOVE how it turned out (not to mention how easy it was, once I made up my mind!) "always" from "Say it With Flowers" is Basic Gray ink, but I stamped off first before adding it to match my reflection. Doesn't it give the word such a "quiet" feel? I embossed a simple rectangle onto my textrued DCWV CS base.
I'll be changing up this design again and again with colors and layouts because I'm just crazy about the look! If you try this out, please let me know by linking your creation here, I'd love to see what you'd do!

On a personal note: I started out making this card for Cammie's Land Cruise Water Challenge, but as I worked, decided I would be sending it to the Russell family. (Thank you again everyone who has been sending their RAKS and prayers!) I got a little philosophical and thinking about what I wanted the finished artwork to convey, and remembered reading on Karen's blog Marcus talking about work he had to do on "the other side", which made me "reflect" on this reflection. I thought about how perfect and close God's love and presence is to us, and how close our loved ones are (in our hearts and memories, perfectly preserved in time) even after they've passed over... It's not a perfect metaphor, of course (since a reflection disappears if you have no light, and God is always present), but anyway, for what's it worth...
Here is an excerpt from his mother Karen's blog a few days ago:

"He is slurring more, but still has his sense of humor. His vision is so bad, all he sees in double vision. He has talked a little about going on his "Mission" to help others on the other side. He is on a lot of steroids so his face is swelling more and more, plus they give him other side effects like irritability and joint pain. But he doesn't complain much. He listens to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir a lot and quoted to me the words from "Come Come Ye Saints" last night. He is a pillar of strength to me and those around us. He is my Marcus, even in that swollen face, I see those eyes that stare right through to my soul."

...and from yesterday:

"He really is deteriorating fast. We are pretty sure that he could "go" at anytime now. He is so week, unable to see or even speak much. His breathing is getting more and more erratic and his pulse is fast and unstable. He has been in more pain, so we are adjusting his meds to keep him more comfortable. He mostly sleeps, he doesn't eat and only has very few fluids since he can't swallow much. We are just praying that he goes quickly so he doesn't suffer. Thanks to all those who are getting Marcus's name out there for good thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all the well wishes, comments and prayers you have left here and on his carepage. It is so wonderful to see how many love and care for us and especially Marcus."

I wanted to post their address again and let you know the names of the rest of his family, as they need prayers, RAKS and support, too: John-his father, brothers- Aaron, age 14, Noah, age 9 and Jackson, age 6, all pictured above in a family portrait taken last month. (I watched my own boys today sharing a moment of brotherly love and almost burst into tears thinking about what Marcus's brothers are going through!)

The Russell Family
100 W. 500 S
Providence, UT 84332

Karen's sister Nancy will be unable to attend the funeral because her daughter Jessica is having serious medical problems. I am praying for them too as they grieve for their family and deal with being away and with Jessica's injury.
Thank you for reading, have a blessed Sunday, hug your loved ones tight!


  1. This is beautiful! I am keeping their family in my prayers! Thanks for the update!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful card and for the update. I will keep the family in my prayers.

  3. What a beautiful card. I think it's perfect to send to the family. Thanks for the update.

  4. Thanks for the update on Marcus. I hope he is still setting goals and reaching out to touch people. I keep him in my prayers daily and also his wonderful family. Thanks for sharing him with me. God bless you too. Linda Crowder

  5. Melanie, thank you both for the wonderful reflection technique and especially for the link to the Russell family blog. I will keep them in my prayers and thoughts. May the Lord comfort everyone who cares fro Marcus at this very sad time. I pray everyone's faith will be strengthened by Marcus' wonderful like.

  6. Melanie, as usual, your message about Marcus and Karen left me in tears. Your thoughts on "reflection" are very nice. You got me to thinking... God is our constant light and we try to reflect His goodness and love. So as long as we allow Him in our lives, we will be able to be His reflection - for His light never fades. How's that? I think it fits in with what you were saying. no?

    It's a beautiful card and I know that Karen & family will love it. Our mom is there helping out and she will love it too. (Mom used to tole paint and she & Karen scrapbook so they can really appreciate your artwork). Thank you for the tutorial but I want to especially thank you for your efforts to help Marcus and his family. (((hugs)))

    Karen doesn't get much time online right now but I know that she appreciates you and EVERYONE who is thinking and praying for them. Thank you for the prayer request for me and my family too. I know we'll get through this... especially with generous, loving people like you and God's love.

  7. TFS how to do the reflection. Cute card!

  8. Your card is gorgeous!

    Thank you for the news about Marcus and especially for your own thoughts. He and his fmaily will be in our prayers.

  9. This is such a beautiful card. Thanks for showing how to do this technique. I've always done it the hard way and used acetate before, this is much easier. Thanks also for updating on the family.

  10. what a beautiful card, awesome take on the challenge-I just got teary-eyed thinking about Marcus' family, I know it is heartbreaking, thanks for the reminder, I need to get a card out to them!!!

  11. I've got a card ready to mail off tomorrow........that photo of this special family is just perfect!

  12. Your reflection card is beautiful, Melanie. I've tried that technique a few times and never seem to make it work. I'll have to try again. Thanks for sharing the update on Marcus and the photo of his family. I am so sad for them, especially his brothers because I know what it is like to lose a sibling. I will keep all of them in my prayers and will try to get a card off to them tonight.

  13. Wow! Brilliant idea. Your brain must work at 1,00,000,000 miles an hour. SO inspirational. I'm just getting caught up now and it's creativity overload. In the best possible way. You are such a delight! :O)

  14. LOVE this technique, thanks for sharing the steps - your finished card is absolutely beautiful!


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